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Michelle Rodriguez Clear Body View as a Man

A few days ago we showed you Michelle Rodriguez made up as a man for a new movie she is in. She plays a man who then gets a sex change to a woman in “(Re) Assignment” and this yet another look at the character. Like we said, she had to flatten her boobs, wear […]

Michelle Rodriguez Flattens Boobs and Dons Bears For New Role

Michelle Rodriguez as a man! The actress posted several photos of her with flattened boobs and wearing a beard and mustache – but it’s all part of a new role she is playing. The epic transformation is for a movie called “(Re) Assignment.” Besides complaining about the itchy beard, Michelle says she never felt more […]

Michelle Rodriguez Jealous Paul Walker Died Before Her

Michelle Rodriguez says she felt jealous that Paul Walker died before her. Her own words. TMZ revealed a clip from a documentary “The Reality Of Truth”, in which she says she spent about a year coping with it by keeping herself distracted. “Just physically what could I do to get my mind off existentialism and […]

Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron Split After Only Two Months

As quickly as it started, it also ended. Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron have split after only two months. The two of them were seeing hooking up in Ibiza on a yacht, in a nightclub, and all of the hotspots of the European town. Guess this was just simply summer loving.

Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron Continue Kissing

Caught kissing AGAIN! We showed you a pic of Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron kissing on a boat off the coast of Italy – well, it wasn’t a one time thing. Here they are partying at night locking lips again!! What is going on here?!?!