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Julian Gil Convinces Judge to Reduce Child Support

Legal score for Julian Gil! The actor convinced a judge to reduce the amount of child support he has to give Marjorie De Sousa for their son Matias. Julian will have to fork over approximately 3,000 dollars a month…a far cry from the 11,000 dollars she wanted every month. The actor shared a few words […]

Gabriel Soto Says He is NOT the Father

Gabriel Soto wants OUT of the battle between Marjorie De Sousa and Julian Gil over baby Matias. The actor finds himself a ‘possible’ winner in the DNA test that the child has to go through – all because of those now infamous beach photos with Marjorie. Gabriel is defending himself, saying “Yo no tengo absolutamente […]

Julian Gil is He the Father or Not

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse… According to Grupo Imagen’s “Sale el Sol” Julian Gil is doubting if he’s the father of Marjorie De Sousa‘s baby. At first, he was adamant that the child was his – fighting for his parental right and willing to pay child support, just not as much as […]

Julian Gil Furious Recorded Conversation With Lawyer Leaked

The battle between Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa is not over. Julian is angry that a recorded conversation between him and his lawyer has been leaked online. He alludes that Marjorie is behind in his latest Instagram post. The actor said “¿Hasta dónde va a llegar esto? Intromisión a mi privacidad, conversaciones telefónicas personales […]

Marjorie de Sousa Wants Julian Gil to Undergo DNA Test

Marjorie de Sousa wants a DNA test to prove Julian Gil‘s paternity. No, no…she isn’t doubting that he’s the father of their baby. According to reports, she is asking for scientific proof that he’s the dad to drive the message of his responsibility and help her in getting more child support money. As you know, […]