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Marjorie De Sousa Breaks Down Talking About Son, But Some Say Fake

Marjorie de Sousa spoke out on “Don Francisco Te Invita” and opened her heart…but what is sincere?? Don Francisco asked her to send a message to her son Mathias, so she looked in the camera and did say that both she and Julian Gil will always love him. It wasn’t until DF started talking to […]

Julian Gil Wants to Know Where The Child Support Goes

Julian Gil wants answers!! He assures everyone that the money he gives Marjorie De Sousa for the care of their child is going to other things and not their baby. He told the press “Me molesta que no veo a las enfermeras, todavía el día de hoy no he visto una sola enfermera. No las […]

Marjorie de Sousa Signs Exclusively With Telemundo

Marjorie de Sousa has joined Telemundo has an exclusive talent. Though she has only recently been in the news because of her baby battle with Julian Gil, let’s not forget that she’s an actress. Remember? Marjorie has signed a contract with the TV network to star in Telemundo’s original programming – the first one being […]

Marjorie de Sousa Reportedly Wanted to Hack Julian Gil

Marjorie de Sousa tried to hack Julian Gil…this according to “TV Notas”. The latest news on the Marjorie/Julian front is that she tried to hire a hacker to get into Julian’s personal digital files so she could use it against him. The magazine claims to have a screenshot of a conversation the actress had with […]

Julian Gil Convinces Judge to Reduce Child Support

Legal score for Julian Gil! The actor convinced a judge to reduce the amount of child support he has to give Marjorie De Sousa for their son Matias. Julian will have to fork over approximately 3,000 dollars a month…a far cry from the 11,000 dollars she wanted every month. The actor shared a few words […]