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Julian Gil Missed Visitation With Permission

The Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa drama lives on! This is how things get misconstrued… Julian let the judge know that he would be not be able to attend a visitation with his son, and the judge was cool with it. However, in talking to the press, Marjorie’s lawyers informed the media that Julian […]

Marjorie De Sousa Proves She Keeps Julian Gil in the Baby Loop

Marjorie De Sousa wants to set something clear…she keeps Julian Gil aware of all things going on with their baby, Matias. This past Friday, their son had an emergency and she called 911. According to the actress, Matias stopped breathing but the nurse jumped into action and the ambulance wasn’t necessary. It’s being said that […]

Marjorie De Sousa Disabled Comments on Magazine Cover With Baby

Marjorie de Sousa knew she’d be getting all kinds of comments upon showing her cover of “People En Español” with her son, Matias. So, she avoided it completely. The actress disabled the option to comment on the post she put up of the mag cover. Perhaps she didn’t want any Julian Gil fans chiming in??

Marjorie De Sousa With Baby Matias on Cover of People En Español

Marjorie de Sousa is on the cover of “People En Español”…with her baby, Matias. The actress posed with her beautiful son for the exclusive that Julian Gil purposely ruined. Remember, he posted pics of Matias several weeks ago which started a battle with Armando Correa, the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Of Matias, Marjorie says “Y […]

Marjorie De Sousa Sends Dig to Julian Gil on Social Media

Marjorie de Sousa burned Julian Gil with one simple post on her Instagram stories. She put up a quick video hugging her baby, Matias, while in bed and with the caption ‘nuestro despertar’ – nice, right? Well, some are taking it as a direct message to Julian. The judge in their custody case ruled that […]