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Itati Cantoral Makes Marjorie De Sousa Uncomfortable at Press Conference

Itati Cantoral really made Marjorie De Sousa uncomfortable at a press conference in Mexico. The two are working together on a play so they invited the media to get the promo started before the premiere date. When asked about what it’s like to work with Marjorie, Itati brought up Julian Gil! Marjorie was obviously not […]

Marjorie de Sousa Takes Two Legal Hits in Court

Marjorie de Sousa took a legal hit in court. As you know, we all know, the world knows, that she has been battling with Julian Gil over their child – and a judge just came down hard on Marjorie. There are two new rulings in place…first, Marjorie cannot make any changes to her son’s passport. […]

Marjorie de Sousa Puts Pause on Julian Gil Visitations

Marjorie De Sousa has put a pause to Julian Gil‘s visit with their son. MDS sent a statement to the press letting everyone know that a judge approved her request to suspend Julian’s visits from May 12th to July 7th – this because she is touring with a play and wants to spend time with […]

Marjorie De Sousa Begs Julian Gil to Step it Up

Marjorie De Sousa was on “Un Nuevo Dia” Monday morning crying and pleading for Julian Gil to step it up. She claims that Julian is absent in her son’s life – specifying that Julian has failed to show up about 20 times to his monitored visitation days leaving baby Matias waiting for nothing. Marjorie gets […]

Marjorie De Sousa No Shows On Julian Gil

Marjorie De Sousa and Julian Gil were THIS close to putting everything behind them. The former couple agreed to meet at court to withdraw their legal claims against each other. They apparently came to an agreement to call a truce of sorts and lets whatever has been decided stand. Julian showed up on the day […]