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Marjorie De Sousa Proves She Has Hardly Touched Julian Gil Child Support

Marjorie de Sousa wants to make it a point…she is NOT using the child support she gets from Julian Gil for her own benefit. The actress is sick and tired of being accused of using the funds for baby Matias for her personal gain. In fact, she proved it by showing that she has only […]

Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa Avoiding Each Other

Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa are avoiding each other like the plague. They were both slated to appear at an event in Mexico in which they were to place their handprints along other stars. Both were scheduled – without knowing that the other would be there. However, NEITHER showed up. Probably for the best.

Julian Gil IS the Father of Baby Matias

Julian Gil IS the father!! As you know, Julian had submitted to a DNA test with baby Matias to legally determine that he is his son. For a while there, people were doubting that Marjorie De Sousa’s son was Julian’s…and instead being Gabriel Soto. But, nope. Julian is the dad! He posted this on social […]

Gabriel Porras Linked With Marjorie De Sousa

Are Gabriel Porras and Marjorie De Sousa getting it on?? According to him, no. However, the media is speculating that they are hooking up on the side. The two are the leads in Telemundo’s “Al Otro Lado Del Mundo” – and the media always links up the protagonists of shows. There was a rumor that […]

Alan Tacher New Player in Marjorie De Sousa and Julian Gil Drama

Alan Tacher has been thrown in the drama between Marjorie De Sousa and Julian Gil and their baby Matias. Here’s the breakdown… – Alan revealed that Marjorie is afraid the paternity test results of Matias will be mishandled or corrupted somehow in Mexico. – Marjorie heard this and denied she ever said that. – Alan […]