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Marjorie De Sousa Defends Her Mother

Marjorie De Sousa is defending her momma! Julian Gil said that his relationship with Marjorie was that of three people – most people interpreting that as Marjorie’s mom butting in and getting involved in everything. Well, hours later Marjorie took the chance to talk to the media to say: “Yo honestamente aprendo mucho cada día […]

Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa Keep Dropping Hints

Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa keep on giving bits and pieces of information as to why they split up. As you know, they announced they were over just three months after celebrating the birth of their son. The two most key clues as to their end has been the following… Marjorie released a statement, […]

Julian Gil Cries When Asked About Son With Marjorie De Sousa

Julian Gil was brought to tears when he was asked about his son with Marjorie De Sousa. As you know, the two of them announced their separation just three months after the baby was born. She released a statement saying she was disappointed with the relationship. Julian told the press he has nothing to prove […]

Julian Gil to Share Own Marjorie De Sousa Separation Version

Julian Gil is not happy with Marjorie De Sousa. Not just generally speaking because they split…but because of the statement she released to the media. Word is he felt she put him in a bad light with her words so he’s planning on releasing his own statement. It’s being said that he will give his […]

Marjorie De Sousa Confirms Break Up With Julian Gil

Marjorie de Sousa confirmed what we already knew…that she and Julian Gil are OVER – this after having a baby together three months ago. Marjorie sent out a press release – which includes details of their child and a legal battling brewing with Julian – to inform the media and her fans, saying: