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Julian Gil Kicks Off Youth Promising Product With Famous Friends

Julian Gil has a new product on the market promises youth benefits for your body. The actor does look real young for his age so maybe he’s on to something. Anyway, he threw a party in Miami to kick off the launch of the product and a few of his friends, including Giselle Blondet, Marisa […]

Marisa Del Portillo Out of Univision

Sal y Pimienta viewers may have noticed that Marisa Del Portillo has been missing from the show lately. Well, she is out! Her contract with Univision was not renewed so for now she is off the air. Aside from dealing with work issues, she also now faces an even tougher time as we hear her […]

Canceled Tombola Talent. Who’s In And Who’s Out?

So, who’s in and who’s out??? After yesterday’s cancellation of Tombola, we all wondered what would happen with the hosts of the show. Well, let’s start by saying that Telefutura president Germán Pérez-Nahim resigned and that several people behind-the-scenes were let go. Now, to the people we all came to love (or hate) on the […]

Tómbola Fails to Impress

Oh no, Tómbola. The show that ‘merged’ Escándalo TV and La Tijera premiered on Monday on Telefutura and it was no good. It does take time for the chemistry to spark between television hosts but Andres Garcia Jr. and Alexandra Rodriguez lack that special quality that makes them likeable and worthy of our attention. We […]

Escándalo TV Comes to a Close

Escándalo TV is done! The show with Charytin Goyco, Marisa Del Portillo, and Felipe Viel broadcast its last transmission on Friday afternoon. The three hosts will continue on with Telefutura on other new shows for the network. Thank you for ten years of bombas, Franchis Mozzo, baldes de agua fría, Dina Mita, chismes, music, Charytin’s […]