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Maripily Wins Physical Fitness Competition

Maripily has been committed to the gym and working hard for a couple of years now. She took it a step further and entered a physical fitness competition, and she won! The training paid off and she ended up with five medals. She won first place in the Fit Well ikini Open, second place in […]

Maripily Lets Nipple Slide in Instagram Video

Oops! Maripily‘s nipple got loose. She posted a video on Instagram, posing topless in front of the mirror but with her hair covering her breasts. Maripily made one wrong move and her nipple was exposed. Didn’t seems to matter to her…she posted it anyway! Interesting enough, Instagram is real strict about showing female nipples…but, as […]

Maripily Criticized For Pic Straddling Son

Maripily is being criticized for a pic in which she is straddling her teen son. She posted the photo on Facebook and her fans have come down on her hard for the image, with one saying “Siempre te respeto tus fotos pero esa la verdad te miras muy mal esa pose no va xq se […]

Maripily Getting Breast Surgery

Maripily is getting breast surgery. No, no. She’s not changing the size. Maripily is going under the knife because one of her breasts has changed shape and form. She told “Primera Hora” that because of so much exercise, one of her boobs has started to sag. Apparently, she’s been needing this procedure for a while, […]

Maripily’s Grandmother Passed Away

Maripily is in mourning. Her grandmother has passed away. On Thursday morning, Gloria Torres died as a result of respiratory arrest in a Puerto Rico hospital. Maripily was in Miami at the time of her death, but got to say her goodbyes last week during a visit to the island. “Mi mami Gloria fue un […]