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Maribel Guardia Celebrates Birthday With Bikini Pic

Maribel Guardia celebrated her birthday online. She let everyone know it was her birthday – without mentioning the number of course – and shared a bikini pic while she was at it. She thanked God for another year of life…but she should really be thankful for that body! Dang!

Maribel Guardia Makes it Clear Her Son is Not a Multi Millionaire

Maribel Guardia wants to make it clear…her son is not a multi-millionaire. There are reports coming out of Mexico that Joan Sebastian left son Julian Figueroa a ranch in Jalisco worth 11 million dollars. Maribel told the press that the only thing that he has is a house in Cuernavaca that has always been in […]

Maribel Guardia Says Rafael Rojas is Doing Just Fine

Maribel Guardia is coming to the rescue of Rafael Rojas. “TV Notas” published a story indicating that the actor is homeless on the streets due to a problem with alcohol and drugs. Maribel says it ain’t true. She published this photo you see here and wrote: “Comparto una foto actual de mi amigo y compatriota […]

Maribel Guardia Robbed in Miami

Maribel Guardia was robbed! The actress and singer was at a Starbucks in Miami and she says someone swiped the money in her wallet – where, she added, she kept all her savings. We assume her savings for her Miami trip, right? Maribel shared the story on Facebook and mentioned that she is just glad […]

Maribel Guardia Showing Off Hot Bod on Social Media

Guys, it’s time to start following Maribel Guardia on social media if you aren’t already. Look at that body!! This is the most recent pic that she uploaded online and captioned it as flirting with the mirror. Keep on flirting all day if you want, Maribel. Oh yeah, did we mention she is 56??????