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Marco Antonio Regil Will Leave Un Nuevo Dia

Marco Antonio Regil will be leaving “Un Nuevo Dia”. He made the announcement on the show and said he will remain with the network for other projects. He also mentioned that since the death of his mother a couple of years ago, he’s realized how much he liked to offer seminars and conferences on personal […]

Adamari Lopez Reveals Why She Broke Up With Marco Antonio Regil

Adamari Lopez and Marco Antonio Regil work together on ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ – but once upon a time they dated. Now they are revealing why the broke up. Adamari says that she was working on a telenovela with Eduardo Capetillo and Rene Stickler and she had romantic scenes with them in which they had to […]

Marco Antonio Regil Starts on Un Nuevo Dia

Marco Antonio Regil is officially on “Un Nuevo Dia”! The host joined the morning show on Monday morning during a round of applause provided by Rashel Diaz, Adamari Lopez, and Zuleyka Rivera. Marco was added after the network let go of Daniel Sarcos and Ana Maria Canseco. He is just one of several changed Telemundo […]

Marco Antonio Regil Surprises Fans After They Praise Him

Marco Antonio Regil is getting ready for his debut on “Un Nuevo Dia” and Telemundo set up a special promo to celebrate. They had Marco Antonio’s fans talk about how great of a person and host he is – all while he listened in secretly. He then comes out to surprise the fans in a […]

Telemundo Celebrates Opening of Telemundo Center

Telemundo has a new home. The network celebrated the opening of their new studios and offices in Miami called Telemundo Center with their talent, executives, and politicians. The new Telemundo headquarters cost over 250 million dollars – and will house news, entertainment, sports, and digital all under one roof. Telemundo hosts and actors walked the […]