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Manny Manuel Staying at Olga Tañon’s House

This is probably best for him. Olga Tañon has proven once again to be a great friend. She has taken Manny Manuel into her home. Of course, the media and authorities are all wanting to know what happened to Manny when he was found on the side of a road soaked in blood – and […]

Manny Manuel Doesn’t Remember What Happened

More Manny Manuel madness! We are all awaiting his version as to what exactly happened the night he was found covered in blood and on the side of the road. It doesn’t look like we are getting our answer quite yet. The singer says he doesn’t remember what happened. There are reports that he could […]

Manny Manuel Fears For His Family

Quick update on Manny Manuel. The singer has been released from the hospital after being run over by a car…or not! His first statement was given on Puerto Rican show La Comay. He said: “This has been turned into a circus. I have heard like six versions of what happened to me. I will say […]