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Ninel Conde Gets Birthday Surprise From MQB Boys

Impromptu boy band on “Mira Quien Baila” on Sunday. Ninel Conde was celebrating her birthday so the boys decided to treat her to something to special. Johnny Lozada, Mane De La Parra, and Manny Manuel all came out on stage and sang “Las Mañanitas” to the new MQB judge. Pedro Moreno didn’t sing, but he […]

Manny Manuel Gifts His Chest and Armpit to Fans

He disappeared for a while but now he is back and even more so since soon he will be dancing on “Mira Quien Baila”! Manny Manuel is reconnecting with fans and his most recent way was by publishing this photo online. Uh, thanks for the chest and armpit shot? Someone needs a lesson social media […]

Manny Manuel Denies Getting Back to Drugs

Manny Manuel is clean…according to him. There was a story this week in Puerto Rico about the singer’s supposed fall back to drugs but he is denying it. He told Primera Hora: “We are here. We are well. I am working like always, day by day maintaining myself in the right position, to do what’s […]

Manny Manuel Shoots Video of Next Single

We finally have some positive news about Manny Manuel. Last we checked in on him he was found bloody on the side of the road and checking into rehab. Well, now, we find out that he just shot the video for his next single El Peor de Mis Fracasos. He says he is grateful that […]

Manny Manuel Checks Himself Into Rehab

Manny Manuel has officially checked himself into rehab! The Puerto Rican singer is still in Orlando and is now receiving “help in all aspects”, this according to his publicist. What that means we’re not entirely sure. This could be a combination of drug and alcohol with psychological treatment. If it can help prevent another incident […]