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Manny Manuel Now a TV Host

Manny Manuel…from music to hosting on TV! The singer is now a host on the television show “Vive Tu Nite” in Puerto Rico. Apparently, he is going to be the entertainment talent on the show. Manny made the announcement saying this is a new path for him – and showed a pic with the rest […]

Manny Manuel Pleads Guilty to Driving Drunk Into Police Car

Manny Manuel is finally manning up! He has pled guilty to driving drunk and crashing into a police car. The singer told “El Nuevo Dia”: “Soy responsable de mis actos y nada, para adelante responsablemente sobre todas las cosas.” Much much different from his first statement after the incident. Now Manny faces a lawsuit from […]

Manny Manuel Statement After Drunk Accident Ignores Drunk Accident

The first statement from Manny Manuel after hitting a police car and clocking in an illegal level of blood alcohol level while driving…has NOTHING to do with the incident. The merengue singer was back on the stage not long after the accident and posted this photo you see here with the following message: “It was […]

Manny Manuel Crashes Into Police Car While Over Alcohol Limit

Manny Manuel was involved in another car accident over the weekend in Puerto Rico. On Saturday at 6:26 am he crashed into a police car while allegedly driving under the influence. The legal alcohol limit is 0.08% and Manny apparently clocked in at 0.25%. This isn’t the first (or second) time he has had a […]

Manny Manuel Accused of 300 Dollar Theft

Say it ain’t so, Manny Manuel!! There seems to be a new scandal looming in MM’s life. This one at least isn’t current – it’s just that nobody knew about it until now. The WAPA show “Lo Sé Todo” revealed documents that proved that Manny got in trouble with the law for stealing something worth […]