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Carlos Vives Daughter Blasts Maluma For Womanizing Images

Carlos Vives‘ daughter has come down on Maluma for how he portrays women in his music video. Lucy Vives is taking him to school for the cover of his latest single ‘Mala Mia’ – one that he is surrounded by many bikini-clad women on a bed. She said “Chicas, vamos… ¿en serio? Siempre me decepcionas. […]

Leonel Parraguez Says Maluma Asked Him For Naked Photos

Maluma asked Argentinian soccer player Leonel Parraguez for naked pics…this according to Leonel. For a couple of days, the athlete has been saying that he had an interaction with an artist and was unsure if to share his experience or not. He finally revealed the news when he went live on Instagram and joked with […]

Maluma and Madonna Have Moment Backstage at MTV VMAs

Maluma and Madonna had a moment backstage at the MTV VMAs. The legendary artist and the Colombian singer spoke a few seconds and he later revealed what she told him. He said “Me echó la bendición y me dijo que estaba listo para el proximo nivel.” Maluma then added that he loves her, that’s she […]

Maluma Kiss at MTV VMAs Super Awkward

Maluma performed at the MTV VMAs and everyone is talking about that kiss. At the end of his performance, one of the dancers grabbed him to make out with him while another dancer tries to do the same. It all just seems very awkward. We get these things are choreographed but in this case it […]

Maluma Rocks MTV VMAs Red Carpet

Maluma rocked the red carpet of the MTV VMAs! We LOVED the white suit with the touch of color in the red boots. If some people didn’t know him last night at the awards, they certainly took notice with this look.