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Maite Perroni Does Not Want Exclusive Contracts

The entertainment business is changing and a sign of that is the elimination of exclusive contracts with major TV networks like Televisa. Maite Perroni isn’t worried at all – in fact, she doesn’t want exclusive contracts. Actually, she prefers to work without exclusive contracts, saying “No soy exclusiva. Es una decisión que tomé yo hace […]

Maite Perroni Making Comeback on Cover of People En Español

Maite Perroni is on the cover of the latest issue of “People En Español.” Just when it seemed that she was off the map, she is headed back to TV. The singer and actress is the lead protagonist in the new Televisa novela – and the network is crossing fingers that Maite still translates into […]

Maite Perroni Returns to Telenovelas

It’s official, Maite Perroni is back as the leading lady of a telenovela. The actress shared the news and said she felt happy to embark on this new adventure doing what she loves to do with the people she loves. Sebastian Rulli will be her galan and he also sounds very excited about it. He […]

Maite Perroni Not Cool With Jacky Bracamontes Airing William Levy Deets

Maite Perroni is not down with Jacky Bracamontes sharing details about William Levy in her book. Both actresses have been William’s leading lady, so Maite was asked about Jacky airing details about him cheating on Elizabeth Gutierrez with her. Maite said “Yo respeto muchísimo lo que cada quien decide hacer con su vida privada y […]

Maite Perroni Leads Fans to Believe That She’s Pregnant

Maite Perroni led fans to believe that she was pregnant…but it was all part of a bet that she lost. The singer was on “Los 40″ and came on the losing end of a game, so her punishment was having to publish a tweet that would lead her fans to assume that she was with […]