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Maite Perroni Not Cool With Jacky Bracamontes Airing William Levy Deets

Maite Perroni is not down with Jacky Bracamontes sharing details about William Levy in her book. Both actresses have been William’s leading lady, so Maite was asked about Jacky airing details about him cheating on Elizabeth Gutierrez with her. Maite said “Yo respeto muchísimo lo que cada quien decide hacer con su vida privada y […]

Maite Perroni Leads Fans to Believe That She’s Pregnant

Maite Perroni led fans to believe that she was pregnant…but it was all part of a bet that she lost. The singer was on “Los 40″ and came on the losing end of a game, so her punishment was having to publish a tweet that would lead her fans to assume that she was with […]

Maite Perroni Gets Sexy on Adicta Music Video

Maite Perroni hopes you get addicted. She has released the video of her latest single “Adicta” and it’s most definitely her best push yet as a solo artist. The song is catchy, the vid is simple yet sexy, and her attitude is right on. CHECK OUT “Adicta”.

Maite Perroni Misses With 80s Look at Premios Juventud

On any other night at any other award show, Maite Perroni would look like a total fool dressed like this. However, this was Premios Juventud with some TBT thrown in and Maite decided to go 80s style. The design is great but the patten is horrible. It’s exactly was a clown pattern is for the […]

Maite Perroni Gets Moon Message Tattoo

Maite Perroni has got some new ink. She got a tattoo that says ‘shoot for the moon’ and quickly showed it off to her fans. Maite has something with the moon – her music album was called “Eclipse de Luna.” That squeaky clean novela protagonist has a little bit of a rebel side with tattoos […]