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Maite Perroni Releases Deluxe Edition of Her Latest Album

Maite Perroni has re-released her album. “Eclipse de luna Deluxe Edition” includes all of the original songs plus a couple of new tracks including a song she recorded with Alex Ubago and, of course, “Vas a Querer Volver” which is the theme song of her latest novela “La Gata”. She’s hoping the success on TV […]

Laura Zapata and Maite Perroni Want You to Know They Don’t Hate Each Other

Do Laura Zapata and Maite Perroni hate each other?? That’s what some people are saying. Apparently Laura is being nasty by calling her ‘maldita gata’ even when the cameras aren’t rolling on the set of “La Gata” – and Maite hates it. However, Laura is denying that there is beef between them. She says Maite […]

Maite Perroni and Daniel Arenas Sloppy Kiss on La Gata Set

What a mess…but the good kind! We got some behind-the-scenes pics of Maite Perroni and Daniel Arenas shooting “La Gata” that includes images of a fight, craziness, and a sloppy kiss! CLICK HERE to see the photos!

Maite Perroni Singing Vas a Querer Volver FIRST LISTEN

We told ya that Maite Perroni was singing the theme song of the novela “La Gata” – and now we’ve got it for you to listen to. It’s a slow bachata ballad. CLICK HERE to listen to “Vas a Querer Volver”!

Maite Perroni Also Singing Theme Song of La Gata

Maite Perroni isn’t only the lead in the novela “La Gata”…she’s also singing the theme song! It’s confirmed that Maite will sing “Vas a Querer Volver” for the telenovela. It’s interesting because the song is bachata just like her first single from her latest album. Looks like she’s really into that genre!