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Lupillo Rivera Says Spousal Support Request Was an Error

Lupillo Rivera does NOT want money from his wife in their divorce. Per the legal documents that were filed by the singer, in their official split he wanted legal and physical joint custody of their kids…AND he requested spousal support from his wife, Mayeli. However, he is now saying that it is not true. Lupillo […]

Lupillo Rivera Asks Judge to Make Wife Give Him Spousal Support in Divorce

Lupillo Rivera is asking the judge make his wife give him spousal support in their divorce! The Regional Mexican singer officially filed the paperwork to make his split from his wife, Mayeli, official. In the docs, Lupillo asks spousal support from Mayeli – many thought it would be the other way around. The idea behind […]

Lupillo Rivera Wife Confirms Divorce and Goes Back to Maiden Name Already

As we told you, Lupillo Rivera has filed for divorce from his wife of 12 years, Mayeli. Fans are speculating that she had an affair – so she is clearing the air and going back to her maiden name already. Mayeli took to social media to share a statement. She says “Hola a todos,les envió […]

Lupillo Rivera Files For Divorce

Lupillo Rivera‘s marriage is coming to an end. News outlets report that the Regional Mexican singer filed for a divorce from his wife, Mayeli. They have been married for 12 years and have two kids together – ages 13 and 9. According to several media sources, Lupillo wants a divorce because of something that happened […]

Lupillo Rivera Makes Kids Sell Fruit During Spring Break

Lupillo Rivera put his kids to work to teach them a lesson. The singer grabbed his kids during their Spring break vacation, cut down mandarins from his yard, and made them sell them ata gas station. He says they needed the lesson of making a buck – because he remembers when he learned the value […]