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Lupillo Rivera Hospitalized Due to Severe Respiratory Problem

Lupillo Rivera had to be hospitalized. This due to a severe respiratory problem – though no more details are known at this time. Until further notice, Lupillo will remain under full medical attention. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Lupillo Rivera Naked Pic Hits The Net

OMG! Lupillo Rivera has apparently been blackmailed with this naked pic! “El Gordo y La Flaca” reported that someone wanted 100,000 dollars in exchange for not releasing it and he said to hell with it. So now the world gets to see his penis – or at least a portion of it. You wanna see??? […]

Lupillo Rivera Did Attend The Jenni Rivera Tribute in Monterrey

After so many ‘will he’ ‘won’t he’ stories…we now know he did. Lupillo Rivera attended the official Rivera Family Jenni Rivera tribute in Monterrey, Mexico. Here we see him seated with his parents in the audience. We’re glad he went. It was the right thing to do.

Lupillo Rivera and Juan Rivera War of Words on Twitter

Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera are at it again and this time they let everyone see! At Premios De La Radio, Chiquis Rivera tried to get Juan, Lupi, and Pedro Rivera all on stage together but, for whatever reason, Lupillo didn’t join them. So, on Twitter, a fan asked Juan about it and he said […]

Jenni Rivera Tribute Event Does NOT Include Lupillo Rivera’s Name

Proof that The Rivera Family isn’t all together?? Although some say they are unified, others still claim that there is tension with Lupillo Rivera. In the first press release sent out about the “Jenni Vive” tribute commemorating the one year anniversary of Jenni Rivera‘s death we noticed that Lupillo’s name is not included. These are […]