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Lupillo Rivera Gets Reality Show on Univision

Lupillo Rivera will have his own reality show on Univision. The singer, his wife Mayeli Rivera, and presumably his family will have the cameras rolling on them 24 hours a day as they showcase their lives on TV for all to see. Univision is working hard on refreshing their lineup – and this is a […]

Lupillo Rivera Singing Theme Song For Non Approved Jenni Rivera Series

Jenni Rivera‘s estate, managed by sister Rosie Rivera, is suing the production company that is creating the series based on Jenni’s life for Univision – saying producer Pete Salgado is in breach of contract because he signed a non-disclosure agreement while working with the singer. We should also point out that Rosie and family are […]

Lupillo Rivera Keeps Mum After Kidnapping Scare

Lupillo Rivera has released a statement about the horrific experience he and his team just went through in Puebla, Mexico. Armed men tried to kidnap him but only succeeded in taking his driver and assistant – and later letting them go. HERE is his statement.

Lupillo Rivera Almost Kidnapped in Puebla

Lupillo Rivera was almost kidnapped in Mexico! He had just performed in Mixteca, outside of Puebla, and he was being transported by car to Mexico City. Suddenly, according to Lupillo, three armed men approached them but he was able to escape. The men took his driver and assistant. They were apparently threatened with guns and […]

Lupillo Rivera Cried Singing Duet With Juan Gabriel

We love it when stars get all real. Lupillo Rivera was Juan Gabriel‘s invited guest at Auditorio Nacional concert in Mexico. The two sang “Si Me Quieres Ver Muy Triste” and Lupi started to cry. He told Javier Poza that he was overcome with emotion remembering his childhood at that precise moment. He says when […]