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Chiquis Rivera Reunites With Uncle Lupillo

It is no secret that the Rivera clan has had its share of feuds and estrangement among its members. Those days are in the past, at least for now. Chiquis, Lupillo, don Pedro, and Rosie Rivera were all in Miami for a taping of Don Francisco Te Invita and got together for dinner. It looks […]

Lupillo Rivera Calls Out El Gordo y La Flaca For Blocking Him on Instagram

It’s a battle between Lupillo Rivera and “El Gordo Y La Flaca”. After the singer showed up on a red carpet with a new lady by his side, the social media accounts the gossip show confirmed that she is his girlfriend. Lupillo wrote a comment on the post saying the story is false and that […]

Lupillo Rivera Shows Up With New Woman on Red Carpet

Lupillo Rivera showed up to a red carpet event with a new woman. The two were holding hands and definitely looked like a couple. The singer recently split from his wife of 12 years. The divorce papers were filed just two months ago so this new possible relationship is a surprise to all of his […]

Lupillo Rivera Gets New Tattoo to Cover Another Made For Mayeli

Lupillo Rivera got a new tattoo to cover an old one that he originally got in honor of his soon-to-be ex-wife Mayeli Alonso. He originally got inked inspired by Mayeli’s initials – but now that they are divorcing, he also decided to divorce his tat. Lupi got a Rose done over the tattoo…but this time […]

Lupillo Rivera Says Divorce Was Not Planned

Lupillo Rivera is not agreeing with what Mayeli Alonso, his wife, is saying about their divorce. He spoke with “Al Rojo Vivo” and kept it classy by saying “Es una mujer que me entregó dos hijos, la amé profundamente. Puedo decir que es la mujer que más amé en mi vida.” When asked if it’s […]