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Luis Miguel Bank Accounts Seized

Luis Miguel‘s accounts have been seized…this according to “Hoy”. Apparently, this is due to the lawsuit that musician Arturo Perez Figueroa has filed against the singer for unjustified firing after 15 years of working together. The suit originated in 2005 and in 2014 a judge ordered Luismi to pay him just over 300 thousand dollars. […]

Luis Miguel Meet His New Miami Piece

This is Luis Miguel‘s new piece. Her name is Desiree Ortiz…she’s 31, Venezuelan, lives in Miami, and is a TV host. She has been spotted with Luismi on a yacht in Miami – and she has even posted a pic on Instagram with the singer clearly in the background. Telemundo caught up with Desiree and […]

Luis Miguel’s Multimillion Dollar Yacht Seized

Luis Miguel‘s yacht has been seized! The singer has his multimillion dollar luxury yacht at a marina in Miami – and, according to reports, he failed to pay the rent on the dock so the pricey boat was taken away. The yacht, called “Unico”, is over 100 feet and has enough space for 20 people […]

Luis Miguel More Accessible Than Ever

Luis Miguel has become more likable than ever! It’s now become the norm to see him taking pics with fans, smiling and joking around with his followers, and just not being the weirdly private hermit that he used to be. The singer was leaving a restaurant in West Hollywood and was swarmed by paparazzi and […]

Luis Miguel And Diego Boneta Meet

It’s official! Luis Miguel and Diego Boneta have met. Mark Burnette, the producer of the series, and his wife, Roma Downy, hosted a dinner at their home in Los Angeles, where the two were invited. Roma said it was the most fun dinner party with lots of exciting conversations about the new series they are […]