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Luis Miguel Amount He Got Paid For Series Revealed

So how much did Luis Miguel get paid for the “Luis Miguel. La Serie”?? According to Mexican businessman Carlos Bremer, he got 5 million dollars for the first season. There is talk that a second season is coming – so how much is Netflix going to have to shell out to Luismi to make it […]

Alicia Machado Takes Back Insinuating Luis Miguel Is Not Packing

Alicia Machado is retracting from what she said about Luis Miguel. You may not know, but they dated briefly in 1996 – and three years ago, on Estrella TV’s “Rica la Noche”, she alluded that he has a small member. Now she is taking it back. She was on “Hoy” and was asked about her […]

Lucia Mendez Says Luis Miguel is NOT the Father

Lucia Mendez is saying that Luis Miguel is NOT the father. There were rumors that came out this week speculating that Luismi is Lucia’s son’s pop. Some people started doing the math and based the assumption on the time that the two hooked up. Upon hearing this, she took to social media to share her […]

Luis Miguel Lost Virginity to Prostitute

Luis Miguel lost his virginity how??! In the series, the singer tells his first love, Mariana Yazbek, that he lost his virginity to her…but was that a lie?? In the eighth episode of the series, we find out that his dad hired a prostitute for Luismi to have sex with for the first time. Remember, […]

Luisito Rey Piñata Made in Mexico

Luisito Rey has been turned into a piñata. Of course he has! Luis Miguel‘s dad became public enemy number one in Mexico after the debut of Luis Miguel La Serie. It was a matter of time before Piñateria Ramirez, the company behind the Alejandro Fernandez, Guillermo del Toro, and many other popular characters, created a […]