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Ludwika Paleta Son Graduates High School

Ludwika Paleta is a proud mam of a high school graduate. The actress posted a photo of her son, Nicolas, on his graduation day. He is dressed in the uniform of his Canadian school. Ludwika says Nicolas is her biggest success and that seeing him grow up fill her with pride and joy. She’s not […]

Ludwika Paleta Introduces Twins

Ludwika Paleta shared the most adorable photo of her twin babies. Barbara and Sebastian Salinas Paleta were officially introduced and they couldn’t be cuter. We’re surprised she shared the photo so fast! She almost didn’t reveal she was pregnant…but the baby pics came quick.

Ludwika Paleta Twin Baby Names Revealed

So what did Ludwika Paleta and Emiliano Salinas name their twins?? According to Univision, the babies are called Barbara and Sebastian! Apparently, the actress posted an image of her twins under a blanket on her private Instagram account – with the message “Bienvenidos Bárbara y Sebastián, los estábamos esperando con mucho amor.” So nicknames Barbie […]

Ludwika Paleta Gives Birth in San Diego

Ludwika Paleta and Emiliano Salinas welcomed their twins into the world! “Hola” reports that the actress gave birth in San Diego to a boy and a girl. Apparently, they arrived before it was originally planned but reports indicate that babies and mom are doing just fine. The couple hasn’t confirmed the news just yet. This […]

Ludwika Paleta is Pregnant

Ludwika Paleta is pregnant! For days there has been speculation…so she decided to confirm it via Instagram. She posted this pic with the following words: “En unos días Emiliano y yo cumplimos 4 años de casados. Estamos encantados por eso, pero también porque sí, esta familia crece… y ante las especulaciones preferí confirmarlo yo misma […]