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Lucia Mendez Laughs at Photoshop Pics

So what did Lucia Mendez think of the photoshop images that were a craze on social media?? All of these making fun of the original photoshopped image of her with George Clooney that was uploaded to her Twitter account. She laughed at it! Lucia said she found it funny but swears she had nothing to […]

Lucia Mendez Terrible Photoshop Pics Take Over Social Media

This is really just TOO good! After a photoshopped image of Lucia Mendez and “her pal” George Clooney was uploaded onto her social media accounts, most people laughed over the pic. However some went above and beyond and created their own terrible photoshopped pictures placing Lucia in some very interesting situations and events and sometimes […]

Lucia Mendez Wants Us To Believe She’s Hanging With George Clooney

OMG, this is so embarrassing! Lucia Mendez is in Italy doing who knows what – but it looks like she tried to make us all believe that she was hanging out with George Clooney! The photo you see here was

Lucia Mendez Celebrates Her 40 Years in Entertainment

Lucia Mendez wants to celebrate her 40th with you! No, not her birthday – her 40 year-career. She is preparing a spectacle of a show to celebrate her four decades in the entertainment industry. She’ll have songs, dancers, and videos of her past. So we’ll get to see forty years of her different faces!

Yuri and Lucia Mendez Are Friends Again

So Yuri and Lucia Mendez are friends again. The two had a nasty fight some time ago – in pure diva fashion even in front of cameras! All of that is behind them as they have moved on and are once again chummy with one another. “Hoy” cameras spoke with the two of them and […]