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Lucia Mendez Fought With Madonna at Concert

Lucia Mendez swears that she gave it to Madonna. Lucia explains that she was at the superstar’s concert when she was called out by Madonna herself for not getting up…even though she was injured. She said: “A mí me tocó tercera fila, entonces todo mundo estaba de pie y yo no porque traía lastimada una […]

Lucia Mendez Admits to Having Smoked Weed

Lucia Mendez smokes weed?? “TV Notas” released an audio clip of Lucia saying that marijuana was her beauty secret – that it helped with her skin, made her more creative, and brought her closer to God. Well, she decided to contact radio show “Todo Para La Mujer” to discuss this. The actress says the audio […]

Lucia Mendez Mocked For Dressing Like Cinderella

Oh, what is this?! Lucia Mendez has once again become an online meme sensation – this time by dressing up as Cinderella! She received and award for being a gay icon and this is how she showed up to the event. Now everyone is laughing at her on social media…but she says she doesn’t care […]

Lucia Mendez Celebrates With Stripper

Lucia Mendez just turned 60. And what could make the milestone birthday unforgettable? Well, include a stripper, of course! The actress wasn’t shy about either. She was all smiles as she received a lap-dance in front of her guests. We should mention that the guests were friends, colleagues, and yes, her son. You enjoy yourself, […]

Lucia Mendez Denies Dating Bobby Larios

Lucia Mendez and Bobby Larios??? Actually, no. “TVNotas” reported that Lucia and Bobby are a couple – but she is denying it. She told “Todo Para La Mujer” that the two of them just coincided together at a restaurant but that they didn’t even dine together – they just happen to be at the same […]