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Lucero Arrives in Brazil to Screaming Fans

Lucero landed in Brazil and she got the superstar treatment. Fans and more fans showed up to the airport to see her arrive. This kind of reception is usually reserved for A-list mainstream stars so it’s nice to see one of our own get it too. The actress is in Brazil shooting a novela called […]

Lucero Remembers Jano Fuentes

Lucero shared a pic of Jano Fuentes and some words after learning of his death. The “La Voz Mexico” contestant, and Team Lucero member, was murdered in Chicago. She posted this photo of the two of them and said: “Gracias por los momentos y los recuerdos compartidos mi Jano querido Jano Fuentes. Vas a hacer […]

Lucero Keeps Winning Streak Going at Latin Billboard Awards

Lucero is a on a roll lately. She has been hitting homeruns on the red carpets and is getting sexier as she gets older – and we likey! Lucero was no Lucerito at the Latin Billboard Awards.

Lucero Loved by Brazil

Brazil loves Lucero! The Mexican singer traveled to the South American country to do some promo and the result is that Brazilians are really into her. She is has a novela titled “Dona” which is currently airing in the country and it is very popular. However, the real proof came when she stopped by the […]

Lucero Will Have Her Own Radio Show

Lucero on the radio! Yeah yeah, she’s used to having her songs play on the radio – but we’re talking about hosting! Yep, her next gig is being a voice on the radio! She will have her own show once a week online and on the radio. She will interview her famous friends and – […]