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Laura Zapata in Controversy With Gay Community

While Thalia showed support to the gay community, her sister didn’t…sort of. Laura Zapata posted some photos of men in thongs and garter belts during the gay pride celebration in Mexico City saying:

Laura Zapata and Maite Perroni Want You to Know They Don’t Hate Each Other

Do Laura Zapata and Maite Perroni hate each other?? That’s what some people are saying. Apparently Laura is being nasty by calling her ‘maldita gata’ even when the cameras aren’t rolling on the set of “La Gata” – and Maite hates it. However, Laura is denying that there is beef between them. She says Maite […]

Gabriela Sodi Speaks With Despierta America About Family Troubles

Gabriela Sodi, Thalia and Laura Zapata‘s sister, spoke with “Despierta America” regarding the sister relationships and how she hasn’t seen her grandmother in a long time and is afraid that time is running out. She did say that the recent pic of Thalia visiting her grandmother in Mexico certainly made her hopeful that a reconciliation […]

Laura Zapata Pulled From Major Concerts Over Diva Demands

Laura Zapata was supposed to perform alongside Paquita La Del Barrio in a show at The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. That’s a very big accomplishment considering many big stars sing there – however it’s not going to happen for Laura. “El Gordo Y La Flaca” talked to

Laura Zapata MAD Over Sister’s Media Set Up

Laura Zapata is mad and with good reason!! Her sister, Ernestina Sodi, supposedly showed up at her door wanting to reconcile things with her and their grandmother. Sounds nice, right? Well, Laura says Ernestina had flowers and a gift for grandma…but that’s not all! She apparently also had a magazine camera crew with her to […]