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Laura Zapata Mad Over Not Getting Novela Role

A Cuna de Lobos remake is in the works and Laura Zapata is upset because she didn’t get the role of one of the most iconic villanas of all times, Catalina Creel. She says she deserved that role and that everyone expected her to be chosen. “Yo considero que ese personaje me tocaba a mí, […]

Adrian Marcelo Fired For Laura Zapata Interview

Adrian Marcelo, host of SNSerio, has been fired. The network Multimedios has let him go after the interview he had with Laura Zapata in which she walked out. They were chatting on the show and made a bet about Juan Gabriel being alive or not – and then they were discussing the punishment. Adrian said […]

Laura Zapata Walks Out of Interview Over Thalia Questions

Laura Zapata walked out of an interview on live TV. She had it with the Thalia questions she was being asked, so she left. Laura was there to promote her new music and the hosts kept asking about Thalia. Well, this is one way to bring attention to the fact that she has a new […]

Laura Zapata Disapproves of Viral Challenges

Laura Zapata had to give her two cents about the popularity of viral challenges. The actress does not like them and criticized the new craze. “Yo tengo mis retos y el reto mío de hoy es apoyar a los niños con cáncer. Es un reto muy importante como ciudadana, mexicana y mujer, venir y decirles […]

Laura Zapata Says Gays Can Adopt Dogs and Cats Not Kids

Laura Zapata believes gay couples should not have kids…but they can adopt pets. She says it’s just since homosexual couples cannot biologically reproduce, then they shouldn’t be able to be parents. She says “Entre cuatro paredes cada quién puede hacer de su vida un papalote. Creo que las parejas gay, a quienes respeto profundamente, por […]