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Laura Bozzo Says Peru Surgery Left Her Almost Dead

Laura Bozzo says she was between life and death recently. The TV host was operated on in Peru – having her uterus removed because she ran a high risk of cancer due to her use of hormones. She told radio show Amor, Amor, Amor “A la hora de sacarme el útero me cortaron el intestino […]

Laura Bozzo’s Boyfriend Caught Adjusting Laura’s Daughter’s Bikini Bottom

“TV Notas” has published a pic of Laura Bozzo‘s boyfriend, Cristian Zuarez, adjusting Laura’s daughter’s bikini bottom! The trio were on vacation in Cancun lounging by the pool when Cristian went in for the move. Apparently, a friend of Laura’s talked to the mag to say that Cristian and Laura’s daughter are close and that […]

Laura Bozzo Closes YouTube Channel

It’s here and now it’s gone! Laura Bozzo opened her YouTube channel a little over a week ago – and now it’s nowhere to be found. In her first video she published, she said she was going to give advice and speak directly to her audience via YouTube. She has changed her tune. The channel […]

Laura Bozzo is Now a YouTuber

Laura Bozzo is now a YouTuber. No, seriously. She has launched her own channel on the video social site for those that want to see her while she is off the air. Laura is planning on combining the digital world with TV for her new show so perhaps this is just the beginning. How very […]

Laura Bozzo Hints at Social Media Angle With New Show

Laura Bozzo is back!! Well, almost back. The TV host talked to “El Pais” and said that she is going to return to television very soon…but she was told by Televisa not to reveal any details. She did hint at info about her new program, which seems to continue getting revenge and calling out wrongdoers […]