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Laura Zapata Insults Laura Bozzo on Twitter

The battle between Laura Zapata and Laura Bozzo keeps on going strong! They’ve been insulting each other for a few weeks, and now Laura Z has picked it up. She tweeted the following: “Y esta cacatúa de Laura Bozzo sigue hablando mal de mí, una primera actriz mexicana, quien apoya a esta irredenta. #FueraLauraBozzodeMexico” and […]

Laura Bozzo Sues Mexican Politician For Slander

Laura Bozzo has had enough!! A Mexican politician named Veronica Juarez Peña is on the attack against Laura Bozzo. She feels the host and her television show are doing damage to Mexico, specifically to its kids and teens. Laura is not liking this one bit, so she is going on the counterattack. She is now […]

Laura Zapata and Laura Bozzo Battle It Out

It’s the battle of the Lauras!!! Laura Zapata believes that Laura Bozzo‘s show should be taken off the air because it

Laura Bozzo Reveals That She Suffers From Anorexia

Laura Bozzo has confessed to suffering from anorexia. The controversial television host shared that she has battled against the eating disorder since she was a student. She mentioned that there is no cure for her but she is not sick – that it’s simply something psychological. Laura told “El Universal” that when she faces problems […]

Laura Bozzo and Facundo Battling

Yes, we admit it…we LOVE celebrity feuds! The latest is Laura Bozzo VS Facundo. The two Televisa hosts are battling! She claims that