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Laura Bozzo Hints at Social Media Angle With New Show

Laura Bozzo is back!! Well, almost back. The TV host talked to “El Pais” and said that she is going to return to television very soon…but she was told by Televisa not to reveal any details. She did hint at info about her new program, which seems to continue getting revenge and calling out wrongdoers […]

Laura Bozzo Resigns With Televisa and Preparing New Show

Laura Bozzo is taking a break from TV. Several media outlets are reporting that her show was canceled and that the last episode will show on December 31. It’s part true. That date does mark the last airing of her program but that’s only because she signed once again with Televisa and is revamping her […]

Laura Bozzo Pissed Over Comic About Her

There’s a new comic out called “Señorita Laura” that is CLEARLY about Laura Bozzo – and she’s not happy about it! “La Noticia Rebelde” talked to the television host about it all. She said: “Hay muchas cosas que ya decidí hacer en Perú porque allí se ha manoseado mi imagen de una manera brutal, se […]

Laura Zapata Insults Laura Bozzo on Twitter

The battle between Laura Zapata and Laura Bozzo keeps on going strong! They’ve been insulting each other for a few weeks, and now Laura Z has picked it up. She tweeted the following: “Y esta cacatúa de Laura Bozzo sigue hablando mal de mí, una primera actriz mexicana, quien apoya a esta irredenta. #FueraLauraBozzodeMexico” and […]

Laura Bozzo Sues Mexican Politician For Slander

Laura Bozzo has had enough!! A Mexican politician named Veronica Juarez Peña is on the attack against Laura Bozzo. She feels the host and her television show are doing damage to Mexico, specifically to its kids and teens. Laura is not liking this one bit, so she is going on the counterattack. She is now […]