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Laura Bozzo and Facundo Battling

Yes, we admit it…we LOVE celebrity feuds! The latest is Laura Bozzo VS Facundo. The two Televisa hosts are battling! She claims that

Laura Bozzo Wanted Off The Air by 150,200 People

The people want Laura Bozzo out of Mexico! Actually 150,200 people do! The organization Creamos México gathered that number of signatures to demonstrate the quantity of people that want Laura off the air. These people are mad that she ‘faked’ the help she provided to those in need in Mexico and now they want her […]

Laura Bozzo Vieja Mentirosa The Song

There’s a part of Mexico that loves Laura Bozzo but there’s also a part that HATES her! The disdain toward Laura has grown in recent days because people feel she took advantage of the victims of the heavy storms in Mexico – shooting in the devastated area – just to boost her ratings. Laura claims […]

Laura Bozzo Getting Attacked on Twitter So She Says Goodbye, Not Really

And she’s out of there! Laura Bozzo has been getting a ton of criticism and backlash for her efforts in trying to help the devastated areas of Mexico hit by back-to-back storms. Many people questioned her motives and even doubted she was actually doing anything. Anyway, the attacks were mostly happening on social media so […]

Laura Bozzo Cries Close Quicksand Death

Laura Bozzo almost died! Wellllllll, she said she almost did. The television host was shooting in the state of Guerrero in Mexico about the devastated areas hit by heavy heavy rains and that’s where she almost lost her life. How, you ask. Laura claims she was standing on quicksand and didn’t realize it and had […]