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Laura Bozzo Ex Says She is Addicted to Face Surgeries and Alcohol

Laura Bozzo‘s ex is apparently spilling it all! Cristian Zuarez talked to ‘TVNotas’ and shared details about Laura that surely she doesn’t want out. He told the mag that she is addicted to getting procedures done on her face, however her biggest addiction, he says, is with alcohol. Cristian claims that she drinks incessantly and […]

Laura Bozzo Gets Applauded For Bathing Suit Pic

Laura Bozzo posted a pic of herself in a bathing suit…and the internet is applauding her! The photo was taken on the beach because she says she loves to swim in the ocean and run on the sand. Well, her fans are saying bravo for having that body, especially for her age. Others are also […]

Laura Bozzo Wants Money For Use Of Her Popular Phrase

Laura Bozzo made the phrase “Que pase el desgraciado!” famous and now she wants to make some money off of it. The TV host is suing a Peruvian production company for including the popular catch phrase in one of their films without her authorization. She sent a letter demanding that the phrase be removed within […]

Laura Bozzo Back With a New Show

Laura Bozzo is coming back! On “Hoy”, she shared news of her new show. She said it’s “totalmente nuevo y mejorado” and nothing like “Laura”, and that her mission is to help others. She said “La esencia, ayudar a la gente, es la misma; la esencia de cambiarle la vida a la gente, es la […]

Laura Bozzo Denies Televisa Ban and Revenge Plan

Laura Bozzo is laughing at the rumors that she has been banned from Televisa and that she’s threatened the network with revealing secrets about them. “TV Notas” says the TV host has been blacklisted by Televisa for being rude and offensive – and that she is seeking revenge by spilling details about the company. However, […]