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Larry Hernandez Marries Longtime Girlfriend

Larry Hernandez and his long time girlfriend, Kenia Ontiveros, are finally married. The couple said their I do’s at a ranch in California. This after years of dating…and a couple of kids as well. Some press was invited, but most likely, the ceremony will be aired in their reality show. You know, for the ratings! […]

Larry Hernandez Is Being Sued

Larry Hernandez is being sued. Jose Andrade, the man who claims the singer hit and kidnapped him, is going after him for two million dollars. Andrade says he has suffered emotional distress, lost his job, his marriage and that his kids were threatened too. The court documents filed by Andrade’s attorney say that Larry benefited […]

Larry Hernandez Shows Gruesome Injuries From Bicycle Accident

Larry Hernandez‘s accident was a lot more serious than most think. A few weeks ago, he suffered an accident on a bicycle. Most people thought it was a motorcycle, but nope. Because of his reality show and tendency of celebs to exaggerate dramatically, most thought he would be OK shortly after. Turns out it was […]

Larry Hernandez Suffers Ugly Accident After Falling From Bike

Larry Hernandez was on a bike ride when he had an accident and fell.  Unfortunately, he suffered more than a little scrape and had to be rushed to the hospital.  The singer and reality star had surgery because he lost several teeth, busted his lip and scraped his cheek.  The good news is that the plastic […]

Larry Hernandez Shocks by Posting Video Pooping in a Forest

Larry Hernandez shocked many of his followers when he posted a video of himself taking a dump behind a tree. The Instagram video shows him squatting in a forest, all while singing, and then he takes some paper to clean himself off. The caption was “Jajajaja No me animaba a subirlo pero Chinge a Su […]