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Kuno Becker Rips on Salma Hayek For Not Speaking Up at Oscars

Kuno Becker is very proud of Gael Garcia Bernal…not so much of Salma Hayek. He tweeted about Gael’s comment at the Oscars about the wall Donald Trump wants to build – and also took a jab at Salma for not saying anything when she was presenting an award. Kuno wrote “Bien por Gael!! Salma q […]

Kuno Becker Gets Tattoo on His Head

Kuno Becker got a tattoo! The actor got it in a peculiar place – on the side of his head. He shaved it and then laid on the table in a tattoo parlor to get the word ‘Pensamientos’ permanently placed on his body. If he regrets it, he’ll only have to let his hair grow […]

Kate Del Castillo Classifies Kuno Becker as a Friend

So what IS going on between Kate Del Castillo and Kuno Becker?? According to him, they are an item – but she is telling a different story. When asked about their supposed romance, she said: “I am in love with Kuno’s talent. We make a good-looking couple, right? Kuno and I are very good friend […]

Kuno Becker Rushed to Hospital With Salmonella Poisoning

Kuno Becker was hospitalized. The Mexican actor got real sick due to a possible salmonella poisoning and had to be rushed in to the emergency room. Thankfully, he is doing much better – actually, so good that he even had the energy to take a hospital selfie.

Kuno Becker Says He Already Said Too Much About Kate Del Castillo

Everyone wants to know what is going on between Kuno Becker and Kate Del Castillo! The actor spoke to Radiofórmula about the supposed romantic relationship and said: “I have always kept my life private. I already said too much and I have never done that…I don’t want to start now and spill everything out, I […]