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Ken-Y Finds a Friend While Detained in Thailand

Ken-Y cannot leave Thailand because of an ongoing investigation. On January 22, he was arrested as he was leaving the country for allegedly having a bullet in his luggage. Authorities have kept his passport while they look further into the matter. The singer was in Asia on vacation with his girlfriend. She has since returned […]

J Alvarez, Maluma, and Ken-Y A Hot Trio With Quiero Olvidar Remix

As if the original wasn’t hot enough, now comes the remix! J Alvarez has released a crazy good remix of his hit “Quiero Olvidar” with Maluma and Ken-Y. The first version is already a bonafide hit and now this just add to the success. As you can see, visually they have this in the bag […]

Ken-Y is Going to be a Dad

Many changes going on in the life of Ken-Y. First, he and his singing partner RKM decided to split after ten years as a duo. Now, he is going to be a dad!! MAJOR changes! His girlfriend is pregnant and even though it was unplanned they are welcoming it as a blessing. Ken-Y even said […]