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Kate Del Castillo Headed to Mexico For Christmas

Kate Del Castillo will be visiting Mexico in December. The actress’ father spoke with the media and said that she will be on Mexican territory for the Christmas holiday. He provided some details behind the timing – they are waiting until this administration ends and the new one begins. As you know, Kate has been […]

Kate Del Castillo Injured On Set

Need proof that Kate Del Castillo is working on the sequels to her famous series?? How’s about an injury? The actress is currently working on “Ingobernable 2″ and “La Reina del Sur 2″ and got hurt during one of her shoots. She injured her left arm and is now sporting compression tape and needed some […]

Kate Del Castillo Ignored Blackmail For Naked Pics

Kate Del Castillo was blackmailed with the naked pics that are leaked a few days ago. She talked to “Quien” about photos that got out – saying she was simply hacked. Kate said “Esas fotos no salieron de mi cel, no se las mandé a nadie, son fotos que yo de loca me tomo; no […]

Kate Del Castillo Goes Naked to Save Animals

Kate Del Castillo has gone naked for the animals. She posed without clothes on for a new PETA campaign – you know, the ones that say ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’. It’s done a good job of getting everyone talking. A naked Kate always does!

Kate Del Castillo Evacuating Home Because of Fires

Kate Del Castillo is being forced to evacuate. There are currently fires overtaking Los Angeles and many residents are having to leave their homes and belonging behind. Kate showed the fires from afar on social media – and the flames and smoke are scarily approaching her area. The actress says that she will be evacuating […]