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Karla Souza Becomes A Mother

Karla Souza kept her pregnancy under a lot of secrecy, but has now announced that she has given birth to a girl. The new mother said, “We welcome our healthy baby girl Gianna, and we couldn’t feel more blessed in this moment.” She went on to share photos of her during her pregnancy saying the […]

Niurka Marcos Slams Karla Souza For Rape Allegations

Niurka Marcos really has no compassion when it comes to Karla Souza‘s allegations that she was raped by a director. When asked about the hot topic, Niurka answered “Hace 12 años, ¿de veras amiga? ¿qué chiste tiene cuando tuviste que dar el fundillo?¿A poco ustedes creen que no me han pedido el fundillo? Mí fundillo […]

Gustavo Loza Denies Raping Karla Souza

Gustavo Loza says Televisa has got the wrong guy! Karla Souza revealed that she was raped by a director years ago when she was first starting out as an actress. She said the director would visit her hotel room at 2am to go over lines and he eventually sexually abused her. Shortly after, Televisa released […]

Televisa Points Out Gustavo Loza as Director Who Raped Karla Souza

Televisa has pointed out Gustavo Loza as the director who raped Karla Souza and have cut all ties with him. They sent out a press release saying “Ante las denuncias públicas sobre abuso sexual de la actriz Karla Souza, Televisa ha decidido romper de manera inmediata toda relación laboral con el señor Gustavo Loza.” The […]

Karla Souza Reveals She Was Raped by a Director

Karla Souza revealed that she was raped by a director early in her career. In an interview with “CNN en Español”, the Mexican actress said that she was attacked by a director, whose name she did not disclose, on a one-month shoot in Mexico. She explained that the director would “inappropriately” show up at her […]