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Kalimba Son is Born

Kalimba is twice a dad! His son, Mikha, was born on Tuesday. The singer sent out a statement saying “Ver cada segundo de su llegada fue una absoluta bendición.” Kalimba has a daughter named Aitana and just to make sure there’s no jealousy, he had previously posted “Nunca tendré un corazón tan grande para contener […]

Kalimba Says He is Doing Just Fine

Kalimba is letting his fans know he is fine. It was reported that he was hospitalized with an abnormally rapid heart rate – but he is assuring everyone that it was completely preventative. He says he was feeling off after his concert in Puebla and his team asked him to get checked out just in […]

Kalimba Hospitalized With Rapid Heart Rate

Kalimba was hospitalized in Puebla, Mexico. “Formula Espectacular” reports that he needed medical attention for tachycardia – he felt ill and had an abnormally rapid heart rate. It’s being said that he simply had one too many energy drinks. No official word yet on how he is doing but some reporters in Mexico are saying […]

Kalimba Apologizes to Gay Community

Kalimba criticized the rainbow Doritos the chips company released in support of the LGBT community and he got backlash for it. He said “Mueren cristianos, mujeres, judíos y niños al por mayor y no los veo haciendo Doritos nuevos para cada uno.” After getting heat for his words, he responded: “Empiezo por decir que no […]

Kalimba and Samo on Tour Together

Kalimba and Samo are joining forces. The two of them are kicking off a tour in late October and we LOVE the name. The series of concerts will be called “Más Negro De Lo Que Pensabas” – which has several meanings if you ask us. They have sung together in the past and wanted to […]