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Julian Alvarez One Step Closer to Clearing Name

Julian Alvarez is one step closer to having his name cleared. As you know, last year he was linked to the drug trafficking business so his businesses and accounts were all frozen and put under investigation. Authorities have not been able to make an official tie between the singer and the illicit drug biz so […]

Julion Alvarez Becomes a Father

Julion Alvarez is now a father. The Regional Mexican star shared the news on an Instagram Live session with his fans. He said her name is María Isabel and let everyone see her on social media. This is his first child. Finally a positive story about Julion…lately all the headlines about him have been about […]

Julion Alvarez Shut Down by Record Label

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Julian Alvarez. After being shut down digitally, he is know being shunned from his own record label. It’s being said that the record label he is signed to in the US – a major money-making business for him – is giving him the cold shoulder. Apparently, label […]

Julion Alvarez Confirms Digital Disappearance Because of Investigation

Julion Alvarez performed in Guadalajara and talked to the press before going on stage. He confirmed that his disappearance from the digital world has to do with the accusations that he has links to drug trafficking. Gone are his website, his videos on YouTube, and all of his social media accounts – because they are […]

Julion Alvarez Facebook and Instagram Accounts Deleted

It looks like Julion Alvarez is about to disappear from the internet, or at least from social media. His official website, YouTube channel, Spotify are all gone, and iTunes has removed his songs from its platform. The latest, Julion’s official Facebook and Instagram have also been deleted and not by the singer. His team created […]