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Julion Alvarez Sticks to Concerts as Planned

The show must go on for Julion Alvarez. The Regional Mexican superstar is, for now, moving forward with his tour schedule as planned. As you know, the US government has accused him of having ties with a major drug trafficking ring and has frozen his assets in the US and prohibited him from entering the […]

Julion Alvarez Denies Ties to Drug Trafficking

Julion Alvarez is categorically denying any ties to any drug trafficking organization. The singer says he is in a good place financially and has no need for business partners or to get into shady practices. He revealed that he did meet Raul Flores Hernandez, a drug kingpin, but says he was introduced to him as […]

Rafael Amaya Interrupts Julion Alvarez Concert to do Promo

Rafael Amaya interrupted a Julion Alvarez concert…but it was all planned. Rafa came out dressed as Aurelio Casillas, his iconic character in “El Señor De Los Cielos”, and grabbed the mic to say how hot the women in attendance were. Julion gave him the space to speak freely and Rafa took the opp to remind […]

Julion Alvarez Congratulates Anahi on Baby

Normally, when celebs want to congratulate their celeb friends on something they write a tweet or FB message…not Julion Alvarez. The RegionalMex singer published a video congratulating Anahi and her husband on the arrival of their baby, Manuel. Can you say contender for padrino??! A video posted by Julion Alvarez (@julionalvarez) on Jan 18, 2017 […]

Julion Alvarez Hand Damaged While Playing With His Bull

Julion Alvarez‘s hand was injured while playing with one of his bulls. Apparently he went to pet his bull and it turned so violently that it damaged his hand. The singer was operated on and a screw was placed in one of his fingers. He says he plans on getting back to work ASAP and […]