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Gabriel Soto Says He is NOT the Father

Gabriel Soto wants OUT of the battle between Marjorie De Sousa and Julian Gil over baby Matias. The actor finds himself a ‘possible’ winner in the DNA test that the child has to go through – all because of those now infamous beach photos with Marjorie. Gabriel is defending himself, saying “Yo no tengo absolutamente […]

Julian Gil This Photo Sums Up His Life Right Now

What’s it like to be Julian Gil?? This image pretty much says it all. The actor is, of course, the focus of the media as he and Marjorie De Sousa battle over baby Matias, child support, paternity results, etc. The press is eating it up.

Julian Gil is He the Father or Not

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse… According to Grupo Imagen’s “Sale el Sol” Julian Gil is doubting if he’s the father of Marjorie De Sousa‘s baby. At first, he was adamant that the child was his – fighting for his parental right and willing to pay child support, just not as much as […]

Julian Gil May NOT be the Father According to Media Reports

The drama doesn’t stop for Julian Gil and Marjorie de Sousa. Journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante revealed on “De Primera Mano” that Julian is NOT the father of baby Matias! Apparently he got news that Marjorie de Sousa’s child is not Julian’s, saying “Tengo una información de última hora, a ver, se las voy a decir […]

Julian Gil Salary Already Being Deducted

Julian Gil‘s money is already being affected. According to media reports, the actor’s salary has already been docked per a judge’s order. The court has decided that Julian needs to give Marjorie de Sousa 20 percent of his earnings for child support. He has asked for the amount to be reduced to four percent…but, in […]