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Juanes Writes Song For Disney Movie

Juanes has gone Disney on us – not a bad thing. The Colombian singer has written a song for the new Disney movie “McFarland, USA”. The film is about the true story of a group of Mexican students that defied the odds to become athletic champions. Juanes says he was immediately excited when Disney called […]

Juanes and Juan Gabriel Record Together

Can someone say EPIC??! Juan Gabriel and Juanes recording together! The Mexican singer-songwriter invited the Colombian singer-songwriter to collaborate on a song we desperately want to hear immediately! What do Juan Gabriel and Juan Esteban have in store for us???

Juanes Releases Short Film Loco De Amor: La Historia

This is just genius!! “Loco De Amor: La Historia” is a short film by Juanes and acclaimed director Kacho Lopez – each chapter of the story is represented by a song from Juanes’ latest album “Loco De Amor”. The pair conceived this wonderful story in which four chapters reflect a love story through Juanes’ recent […]

Latin Celebrity Wives Come Together on One Show

The wives of three celebrities are getting together on one show. We hear that Juanes‘ wife Karen Martínez, Fher of Mana‘s wife Monica Noguera, and Juan Soler‘s wife Maki are all going to host a show. Think “The View” but in Spanish and with famous dude’s better halves. Does this nab your attention??

Juanes Partners With Hard Rock For Philanthropic Artist Spotlight Merchandise

Juanes announced the launch of the limited-edition Juanes Artist Spotlight Merchandise, benefiting the singer’s Fundación Mi Sangre. The exclusive line, a partnership between the Latin rock star and Hard Rock, includes a collectable pin and a men’s and women’s t-shirts – all featuring an original design by Juanes. He said: