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Juanes Confirmed to Perform at Grammy Awards

Juanes will be singing again at the Grammy Awards – BUT this time it will be a song of his own, in Spanish. The Colombian singer-songwriter, who in 2013 sang an English-Spanish version of Elton John‘s “Your Song,” says appearing on the telecast again on Sunday is like a dream come true. He said: “I’m […]

Juan Gabriel and Juanes Make a Great Duet With Querida

We’ve all been waiting for this…don’t lie and say you haven’t. The first song from Juan Gabriel‘s upcoming duets album is “Querida” and it’s with Juanes. The video is basically the two of them recording the song in the studio. They actually make a good combo and we are especially impressed with Juanes’ vocals! We […]

Juanes Son Gets Fake Tattoo Just Like Dad

This is too cute! Juanes and his son Dante has a father-son moment having to do with tattoos. His boy got a fake tattoo almost identical to his and in the same spot on his arm. It’s in the blood!

Juanes Writes Song For Disney Movie

Juanes has gone Disney on us – not a bad thing. The Colombian singer has written a song for the new Disney movie “McFarland, USA”. The film is about the true story of a group of Mexican students that defied the odds to become athletic champions. Juanes says he was immediately excited when Disney called […]

Juanes and Juan Gabriel Record Together

Can someone say EPIC??! Juan Gabriel and Juanes recording together! The Mexican singer-songwriter invited the Colombian singer-songwriter to collaborate on a song we desperately want to hear immediately! What do Juan Gabriel and Juan Esteban have in store for us???