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Juan Rivera Believes Univision Laying Off Staff is Karma

Juan Rivera went on a rant on Instagram – and he took aim at Univision. The network laid off 250 people and Juan published this image with the headline on his IG account. He believes the network is struggling and being forced to cut its staff because if karma. Here’s what he said: “Me da […]

Juan Rivera Sparks Controversy With Video of Friends Masturbating Dog

Another Rivera controversy. Juan Rivera posted a video that is disturbing many on social media. He uploaded a video of a friend masturbating a dog – all while a group of pals laugh and giggle. Juan captioned the video: “Cuando el cabrón no puede pues hay que ayudarle…cuando no tenemos nada qué hacer o a […]

Juan Rivera Hounded to Pay Up Over Dog

Juan Rivera is being hounded for some money…and it all has to do with a dog. Juan sold a dog for ten thousand dollars and apparently promised the customer he would give him the money back if the dog didn’t do fulfill his impregnating task. Well, it didn’t and supposedly now Juan does not want […]

Juan Rivera May Sue Over Casino Arrest

Juan Rivera may be looking to sue. Jenni Rivera‘s brother was placed in handcuffs after drinking (and presumably sharing) tequila on stage in a Tucson, Arizona casino. He says he was never jailed during his arrest and he was never provided with the reason as to why he placed in cuffs. Besides, he says there […]

Juan Rivera Detained in Arizona Casino

The Rivera brothers have certainly had a crazy week! First Lupillo Rivera‘s naked pic hits the net and now this! Juan Rivera, yes – Jenni Rivera‘s brother, was detained in Tucson, Arizona. Here’s what reportedly happened. He was at a casino and