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Cristian Castro Believes Juan Gabriel is Alive

Cristian Castro believes that Juan Gabriel is alive. There are plenty of fans that think the singer is alive – and that includes Cristian. In an interview, Raul De Molina asked him “¿Tú sabes lo que salió que en diciembre 15 aparece Juan Gabriel?, ¿Tú crees que está vivo?” Cristian said “Yo creo que sí…la […]

Juan Gabriel New Photo Sets to Prove He is Not Dead

This pic supposedly proves that Juan Gabriel is alive. The rumors that the singer is not dead are still going around and now there is this photo to allegedly prove it. Supposedly, this pic is a new one of Juanga – but who really know…especially since you can’t see the face. We can’t believe we’re […]

Juan Gabriel Tickets For His Comeback Shows Go Viral

Juan Gabriel has yet again gone viral…over a year after his death. An image of tickets for Juanga’s comeback shows have been spreading on social media – and it shows the tour starting off December 15 in Mexico. The singer’s supposed former manager revealed to the media that Juan Gabriel is alive and is tired […]

Juan Gabriel Son Says Singer is NOT Alive

Juan Gabriel is NOT alive. An apparent ex-manager of the legendary Mexican singer claims he faked his own death to escape publicity. One of Juanga’s sons, Ivan Aguilera, however, told TMZ on Monday that the rumor is completely false and his dad is dead. In an interview with a Mexican news outlet on Televisa, Joaquin […]

Juan Gabriel Set to Come Back

Juan Gabriel died on August 28, 2018…or did he? Accoring to a former manager, Joaquin Muñoz, that was not the case. “Él simuló su muerte. Está en una casa, está bien, confortable y todo. El mes que entra nos vamos a dar cuenta,” he said. He went further and gave a date for when el […]