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Juan Gabriel Set to Come Back

Juan Gabriel died on August 28, 2018…or did he? Accoring to a former manager, Joaquin Muñoz, that was not the case. “Él simuló su muerte. Está en una casa, está bien, confortable y todo. El mes que entra nos vamos a dar cuenta,” he said. He went further and gave a date for when el […]

Cristian Castro Releases Covers of Juan Gabriel Songs

Cristian Castro is paying tribute to Juan Gabriel. CC has released an album covering Juanga’s hits. He says the best moments of his life have been with Juan Gabriel music around and it’s thanks to his grandmother because she turned him on to his songs Cristian says he is so grateful to Juan Gabriel’s family […]

Juan Gabriel Former Manager Says Singer is Alive

There are many conspiracies about Juan Gabriel being alive…and his ex-manager is now jumping on the bandwagon. He believes that Juanga is very much alive – and that he has faked his death to protect himself from his own son. Joaquin Muñoz says that Juan Gabriel is in hiding of sorts and it’s because he […]

Juan Gabriel Statue Causes Controversy

It has been a year since he’s been gone and Juan Gabriel still continues to cause controversy. A statue was unveiled to commemorate the first anniversary of his death, but fans were not happy. Many said it simply didn’t look like him, others wanted to see a more full-figured image, closer to how he looked […]

Juan Gabriel Could be Father of Twin Girls

Juan Gabriel is the father of twin girls born after he died?? The new issue of “TV Novelas” the supposed first photos of Juanga’s twin girls – he donated the sperm before his death and they were born in January. Apparently, he always dreamed of having a daughter so he actively sought out a way […]