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Juan Gabriel Statue Revealed in Acapulco

A Juan Gabriel statue was revealed in Acapulco. The Divo de Juarez is being immortalized in the La Quebrada section of the coastal Mexican city. City heads decided to place the statue to honor Juanga’s love affair with Acapulco. We wonder what his 3 4 5 children think of this

Juan Gabriel Supposed Daughter Shows DNA Test as Proof

Since Juan Gabriel died, we’ve learned of two new sons the singer had…and now there may be a new daughter to add to the mix. Claudia Gabriela Aguilera, of Eagle Pass, Texas claims that Juanga is her father. Her mother says that she slept with the singer 30 years ago and it was just a […]

Juan Gabriel Son Luis Alberto Aguilera Releases Song

Juan Gabriel‘s son is officially on the music scene himself. Luis Alberto Aguilera has released a song called “Sprite” – it’s an English track which tries hard to match the sound of The Weeknd. We’re not sure why there is such a strong tie-in with the soft drink so watch for yourself and tell us […]

Cepillin Believes Juan Gabriel is Alive

Cepillin believes Juan Gabriel is alive. He was on ” “El Show de Piolin” and started off by saying that Juanga never had biological kids – and the supposed children only used him for money. The famous clown also assured everyone that Juanga is still alive, stating “Yo estoy seguro que no está muerto … […]

Juan Gabriel Start Battle For Money

Juan Gabriel‘s kids are now officially battling in court. Joao Aguilera and Luis Alberto Aguilera have both proven with DNA tests that they are indeed sons of the legendary singer – and now they are going after a piece of the empire. They want the case to be handled in Miami, they want Juanga’s will […]