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Randy Ortiz Wants Full Custody of Kids After Ex Hit Him

Randy Ortiz, of Jowell & Randy, is after the full custody of his three kids. Over the weekend, the mother of his children allegedly hit him in San Juan and now Randy and his lawyer are looking to obtain video footage from security cameras to fight in court. His ex was arrested on Saturday night […]

Jowell y Randy Not Splitting Up Says Manager

Is this the end of Jowell y Randy?? As we told you, Randy checked into a mental health hospital on Tuesday soon after declaring himself a solo artist on Snapchat. He said ““Sin que me quede nada por dentro ya no quiero ser esclavo de Jowell hoy día me considero solista.” However, their manager spoke […]

Randy Checks Himself Into Mental Health Hospital

Randy of urban duo Jowell & Randy, has checked himself into a mental health hospital. He let everyone know that he is currently getting treatment at San Juan Capestrano hospital in hopes of becoming a ‘better person.’ Before checking in to the clinic and checking out of social media, he posted this message geared towards […]

J Balvin and Nicky Jam Chop of Jowell’s Dreads

J Balvin​ and Nicky Jam​ cut Jowell‘s (of Jowell y Randy)​ hair!! He has been sporting a few threads of long dreads for years and his music buddies have been teasing him lately about it. They took a pair of scissors and chopped it off! The cut and the celebration were all captured on video!

Jowell & Randy Bring Reggaeton to Monaco Gala

Check them out!! Jowell & Randy have fans all over the world…even in Monaco! The reggaeton duo performed for the royals Albert II and Carolina at the gala “Bal de la Rose” – where they literally made everyone ‘perrear’! They even got to hang some with the prince and princess. That is one party we […]