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Maribel Guardia Responds to Jose Manuel Figueroa Dig at Her Career

Jose Manuel Figueroa pretty much dragged Maribel Guardia when he said that while she was making films during the ‘ficheras’ era, his own mom was studying to be a languages teacher. The ‘ficheras’ era of Mexican film is known for its sexploitation of women. So what does Maribel have to say about this?? She took […]

Jose Manuel Figueroa Injured During Jaripeo Performance

Jose Manuel Figueroa was injured during one of his shows – and the injuries were pretty gnarly as you can see. He was pulling off a Jaripeo – which is essentially a musical performance on a horse – but the conditions were just not right. According to reports, event organizers simply put sand on top […]

Pablo Montero and Jose Manuel Figueroa Shave Heads After Mexico World Cup Win

It’s bye-bye hair for Pablo Montero and Jose Manuel Figueroa. The two promised that they would shave their heads and mustaches if Mexico won in the World Cup game against Germany. Well, Mexico beat Germany 1-0 so that meant the razors had to be sharpened. Pablo and Jose Manuel both fulfilled their end of the […]

Ninel Conde And Jose Manuel Figueroa Plan Tour Together

Ninel Conde and her ex, Jose Manuel Figueroa are planning to tour together. Yep, apparently the dust has settled and these two are friends. Jose Manuel said he is very much in love with his current girlfriend, and she understand. He added, “Yo a Ninel le tengo mucho cariño, la quiero mucho le deseo lo […]

Jose Manuel Figueroa Refuses to Talk About Maribel Guardia

Looks like there is some tension between Jose Manuel Figueroa and Maribel Guardia. It’s being said that when he appears on television shows to promote his music he specifically says he won’t talk about Maribel. Actually, he apparently almost stormed out of an interview when someone asked about his dad’s ex wife. After warning the […]