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Jose Jose Asks For Privacy

Jose Jose is asking for privacy. The singer released a statement saying “Estoy aquí en el Hospital de Coral Gables para continuar con mi tratamiento. Les pido privacidad en este momento para mi familia y para mí. Gracias a mis fans por sus pensamientos y oraciones.” JJ is now in a Miami hospital and his […]

Jose Jose Hospital Image Worries Fans

“TVNotas” has published a pic of Jose Jose and it has his fans worried. The legendary singer’s publicist did say JJ was underweight – but it’s different seeing it. Jose Jose was moved from Mexico to Miami by his daughter so he could be with his wife…and that’s when the image was taken. He will […]

Jose Jose Health Worsens Due to Paparazzis

Jose Jose was hospitalized a few days ago and apparently some paparazzis made the situation much worse. The legendary singer was getting medical attention and it’s being said that some paps snuck in to get photos of JJ in the hospital. When he discovered the rogue photographs, his blood pressure supposedly shot up. He is […]

Jose Jose Wife Denies Separation Rumors

Are Jose Jose and his wife separated?? She talked to “Primera Hora” and denied the rumors of their split. She said “Soy su esposa legal y estoy esperando que se recupere, para cuidarlo.” The truth is that she is not in Mexico City where JJ is getting treatment – but she says that it’s all […]

Jose Jose is Cancer Free

Great news for Jose Jose. The cancerous tumor in his pancreas has been removed and is now cancer free. This according to his public relations rep. “Le retiraron el tumor y ya está libre de cualquier enfermedad. Respondió al tratamiento impresionante. Está libre de cualquier enfermedad, ya no hay tumor, ya no hay cáncer”, she […]