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Jose Eduardo Derbez No Longer on Hoy

Jose Eduardo Derbez is out of “Hoy” – announcing his departure live on the show. The actor-turned-host revealed that he will no longer be a part of the morning show. He explains that he will be acting in an upcoming telenovela – but there seems to be another truth to his departure. As LatinGossip reported, […]

Jose Eduardo Derbez Arrogant and Cocky Rumors on Hoy

Is Jose Eduardo Derbez giving the cast and crew of “Hoy” a hard time?? The actor joined the morning show – essentially to replace Paul Stanley. Apparently, producers wanted to fill his slot with another young celeb and Jose Eduardo hit the spot. However, it seems everyone is regretting that decision. It’s being said by […]

Jose Eduardo Derbez Auditioned For Joan Sebastian Novela

The Joan Sebastian novela that Televisa is preparing is on everyone’s minds these days. It’s pretty much what everybody is talking about. Jose Eduardo Derbez is one of those people. He casted for the show in hoped to get a part. He says there were three roles that he auditioned for and is crossing his […]

Jose Eduardo and Vadhir Derbez do a Double Date

The Derbez brothers hit the town! Vadhir and Jose Eduardo Derbez both grabbed their leather jackets and jeans to go on a double date. The two bros decided to bring together their girlfriends and make it a foursome dinner. It’s nice to see them together – but now we ask…if you had to choose one, […]

Jose Eduardo Derbez Moved Out of Mama Victoria Ruffo’s House

All grown up! Jose Eduardo Derbez has revealed that he has moved out of his mother’s house – as you know his mama is novela actress Victoria Ruffo. He says he left because it was simply time for him to be on his own but that he certainly misses the added comforts of living with […]