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Jorge Salinas Contract Not Renewed by Televisa

Jorge Salinas is officially jobless. The actor is no longer under contract with Televisa…as he had been for many many years. He broke the news to the media saying “Acabo de terminar mi contrato con Televisa. Imagínate que trabajas para una empresa y de repente dejas de hacerlo porque se venció tu contrato.” Jorge adds […]

Jorge Salinas Calls Paulina Goto Unprofessional For Posting Slapping Video

Jorge Salinas believes Paulina Goto lacks professionalism – this after the actress hit his lady, Elizabeth Alvarez, while shooting a novela scene and shared the incident on social media. You may remember, Paulina overdid the slap to the face and basically punched Elizabeth during a shoot. Pau later posted the video online and apologized all […]

Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Alvarez Share New Pics of Twins

This is adorable! Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Alvarez posed with their twins for Hola. The pics were recently taken as part of a month of love images. We hardly get to see them so it’s a treat when we do!

Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Alvarez Share New Twin Pics

Jorge Salinas and Elizabeth Alvarez have shared a photo of their twins that will make you aww. The actors posted a photo of Maxima and Leon – showing all of us just how much their have grown. The couple is pretty reserved about publishing pics of their kids so it’s a treat for those into […]

Jorge Salinas Celebrates Birthday With Twins by His Side

Jorge Salinas celebrated his 48th birthday…but, really, our attention is elsewhere. The actor and his wife, Elizabeth Alvarez, posed with their twins for the cumpleaños celebration. Maxima and Leon look so big! So cute! They’re now little humans…not the bobblehead beings that posed on the cover of “Hola”. Oh yeah, happy birthday Jorge.