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Johnny Sky Signs With Opcion1 Entertainment

Johnny Sky‘s career is booming! Hit music, performances all throughout Latin America, and continuous nominations to the biggest awards in Latin music have made several key players in the industry take note of his talent and popularity. The artist has now made a big move for his future – signing with Opción1 Entertainment. Billy Denizard, […]

Johnny Sky Releases Album and Plays Fill In The Blanks With Us

Johnny Sky has released his self-titled album and since we love his singles “With Or Without You” and “Quiereme”, we tracked him down to chat for a bit. We wanted to know some more about him so we played a game of fill in the blanks! CLICK HERE to check it out!

Johnny Sky Goes Back to Basics With Quiereme Video

Johnny Sky has released his new music video. It’s for the single “Quiereme” – one of the best pop bachata songs out there. Unlike most artists out today, Johnny’s voice is actually the real deal. The video forgets the glitz of cars and yachts and focuses just on the music, which we love. CLICK HERE […]

Johnny Sky Wants to Go to Prom With You

Chicas in Miami, listen up!! Johnny Sky wants to be your prom date!! He is holding a social media contest for his fans in the South Florida city. All you have to do is submit a video using the hashtag #TakeJohnnyToProm. Dream come true for many many girls!!! CLICK HERE to see the video promoting […]

Telemundo’s Yo Soy El Artista Features 100 Influencers

Telemundo has its own singing reality show but this one has a VERY special element to it. It’s called “Yo Soy El Artista”, it’s hosted by Lucero, and the judges are Luis Fonsi, Olga Tañon, Mario Quintero, Chiquibaby, and Boris Izaguirre. However, what we really love about this show is something else. Singers have 45 […]