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John Leguizamo Expanding Video Marketing Company

We’re suckers for Latinos doing big things. NGL Media, a Hispanic video marketing solutions company co-founded by CEO, David Chitel, and actor John Leguizamo, is expanding its operations around a newly branded full-scale production division named NGL Studios. The team will spearhead productions focusing on branded digital content, TV commercials, broadcast programming and documentaries in […]

John Leguizamo Family Man at New York Movie Premiere

John Leguizamo still has work to do in 2013 but since this is the best time to spend with la familia, he fortunately gets to combine the two. The actor is promoting his new movie “Walking With Dinosaurs” – so for the New York premiere of the movie, he took his loved ones. Funny man […]

John Leguizamo Will Be Pablo Escobar

Many have played Pablo Escobar in films and television shows. Now another actor gets his shot at the role of the drug kingpin. John Leguizamo will play Pablo in the movie “King of Cocaine” and he apparently went all out for the audition. He had a special effects team do him up to look just […]

John Leguizamo and Karen Martinez Present Their Movie

John Leguizamo and Karen Martinez??? What does Juanes have to say about this?! Actually, the two actors are simply taking in the premiere of the movie “The Trip 2″ – or “El Paseo 2″ in Spanish. The comedy was presented at the Miami Film Festival.

John Leguizamo Fine Tuning His Spanish

It’s not easy! John Leguizamo is touring Colombia with a comedy stage show called Pelado de Barrio. We imagined that it would be a challenge for John as English is his native language and his Spanish is so-so. He can do interviews and such, but it’s broken. It turns out that he has been intensively […]