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Jose Manuel Figueroa Hurt by Joan Sebastian Human Trafficking Claims

Jose Manuel Figueroa has responded to the claims that Joan Sebastian was involved in human trafficking. At a press conference to discuss his latest album, he was asked for his opinion on the matter and he said “Me duele, por supuesto. Soy un ser humano y a mi padre lo amo.” Jose Manuel said he […]

Joan Sebastian Accused of Taking Part in Sex Human Trafficking

Joan Sebastian has been dead for over a year but he is now being accused of taking part in human trafficking. Mexican media reports that a victim of sexual exploitation has identified the singer-songwriter as part of a ring of men who abused minors. She claims Joan would call all the girls princesses and that […]

Joan Sebastian Smoked Marihuana in Last Few Weeks Before Death For Pain

Joan Sebastian never smoked marijuana, but did so in the last few days before his death…it was revealed by Jose Manuel Figueroa. He said: “Mi papá no fumaba marihuana, nunca la fumó. Tuvo muchos dolores y en las últimas dos semanas de su vida, luego de meterle morfina y morfina y los dolores no se […]

Joan Sebastian Wrote a Song Inspired by Salma Hayek

Jose Manuel Figueroa revealed something that surprised us all! On “Despierta America”, he said his father, Joan Sebastian, wrote a song for Salma Hayek! He admired her beauty and was so inspired by the actress that he wrote “Eso y Más” which turned out to be a big success for the singer-songwriter. Jose Manuel said: […]

Maribel Guardia Makes it Clear Her Son is Not a Multi Millionaire

Maribel Guardia wants to make it clear…her son is not a multi-millionaire. There are reports coming out of Mexico that Joan Sebastian left son Julian Figueroa a ranch in Jalisco worth 11 million dollars. Maribel told the press that the only thing that he has is a house in Cuernavaca that has always been in […]