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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Post Engagement Pictures

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez shared photos of their engagement for all to see. The pic is of Alex on his knee on a beach as the sun is setting. Jennifer seems to be surprised by the moment – and it’s all almost too perfect. The couple was QUICK to share the photos. They have […]

Jose Canseco Claims Alex Rodriguez Cheating on Jennifer Lopez

From Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez‘s engagement…to cheating allegations! Jose Canseco ranted on Twitter that he felt bad for Jennifer because she does not know that Alex cheats on her. Jose claims that his ex-wife, Jessica, is hooking up with Alex on the side. This is not the first time that Jose has made heavy […]

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Engaged to Marry

Jennifer Lopez no longer has to ask ‘el anillo pa’ cuando?’ Alex Rodriguez put a ring on it! The couple announced the news together on social media with the picture of the giant rock on Jennifer’s hand. A-Rod planned the whole thing with a bed of roses after the proposal…which basically meant that he knew […]

Jennifer Lopez in Mirror Dress at Oscars

Jennifer Lopez wowed at the Oscars once again! The NY star wore a mirrored Ton Ford dress to reflect everyone off of her…because all eyes were on her. JLo called it modern but with old Hollywood touches.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Fail on Grammys Red Carpet

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez bombed on the red carpet of the Grammy Awards. He wore too much self-tanner and a multi-colored blazer that didn’t suit him…and she wore a bedazzled hat with a bedazzled dress that totally missed the mark. Oh no. Just oh no.