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Jenni Rivera Plane Crashed Because of a Faulty Screw

A faulty screw was the reason Jenni Rivera‘s plane went down…this according to the victim’s lawyer. Jenni and her crew died in an airplane that plummeted to the ground because one screw wasn’t working properly. As a result, the airplane went straight down and crashed. Attorney Vance Owen states that there was no residue from […]

Jenni Rivera’s Son Parties With Angel Del Villar

Angel Del Villar threw a big bash to celebrate his birthday and among the guests was Juan Angel Lopez, aka Johnny. Although the Del Records owner and Chiquis Rivera have broken up, he and Johnny are still cool. Jenni Rivera‘s youngest son shared a picture simply saying “Celebrando el 27″. No hard feelings here.

Jenni Rivera’s Daughter Jacqui Shares Photo With Her Dad

Jacqui Campos, Jenni Rivera‘s daughter, shared a photo with her dad and an emotional caption to go with it. She went to visit her dad, Jose Trinidad Marin, who is serving a sentence for sexually abusing her, Chiquis and Rosie Rivera, and wanted to share the following: I’m sharing a very important picture with you […]

Jenni Rivera Kids Receive Indemnity

The Rivera family has settled with the makers of the plane Jenni Rivera travelled in when she died. Garmin International, Bombardier and Learjet agreed to pay $65,000 to her kids. The money will only be divided between Jenika and Juan Angel Lopez, the two younger kids, because they were minors at the time of Jenni’s […]

Jenni Rivera Son Says Seeing Angelica Celaya Play Mom is Therapeutic

After Telemundo revealed the first official image of Angelica Celaya as Jenni Rivera, the iconic singer’s son, Johnny, posted another photo! Here we see the actress portraying Jenni in the 90s with the actor playing Johnny’s father. La Diva de la Banda’s son not only showed the pic – but also published a message that […]