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Chiquis Rivera Remembers Jenni Rivera With Instagram Post and New Song

Chiquis Rivera remembered her mom on the anniversary of her tragic death with this picture and a new song and video. It’s been six years since Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash so Chiquis took to social media to post this photo. She captioned it “Soy tu Paloma Negra – Cuando hablando no se […]

Jenni Rivera Movie About Drugs and Cartel Ties in the Works

A Jenni Rivera movie is in the works…but it’ll show a darker side than the series that aired on Telemundo. The film, titled ‘La Diva de la Banda”, will go beyond her music success and detail her alleged drug addictions and her supposed ties with the Mexican drug cartel. The singer’s family wants to stop […]

Jenni Rivera Honored With Day of Dead Altar and Kids Went to Visit

Jenni Rivera was remembered with an altar and the whole family went to visit. Spotify put together a traditional ‘ofrenda’ for Jenni in California and her kids were there to check it out. Chiquis Rivera and company stopped by and had a good time taking pics for the press and fans. Spotify put this together […]

Chiquis Rivera Says Jenni Rivera Apologized Via a Medium

Chiquis Rivera talked to a medium to get in touch with her mom and she told the details of the otherworldly conversation to ‘TVNotas.’ Chiquis said she was able to get a hold of Jenni Rivera through a spiritual médium, saying “Una amiga me recomendó a un médium; aunque al principio le dije que no […]

Jenni Rivera Last Moments Alive to be Released

Jenni Rivera‘s last moments will be shared by The Rivera fam. Fans have been able to enjoy video of her last concert in Monterrey – and a few social media pics – all moments before her untimely death…but now there will be even more to take in. Jenni’s family is releasing a documentary that will […]