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Chiquis Rivera Says Jenni Rivera Apologized Via a Medium

Chiquis Rivera talked to a medium to get in touch with her mom and she told the details of the otherworldly conversation to ‘TVNotas.’ Chiquis said she was able to get a hold of Jenni Rivera through a spiritual médium, saying “Una amiga me recomendó a un médium; aunque al principio le dije que no […]

Jenni Rivera Last Moments Alive to be Released

Jenni Rivera‘s last moments will be shared by The Rivera fam. Fans have been able to enjoy video of her last concert in Monterrey – and a few social media pics – all moments before her untimely death…but now there will be even more to take in. Jenni’s family is releasing a documentary that will […]

Jenni Rivera Family Certain She Communicates With Them

Jenni Rivera‘s family is certain that she communicates with them. Rosie Rivera said “Días antes de que Jenni se fuera, discutimos acerca de la muerte. Ella decía que las personas que mueren siguen aquí de alguna manera y se comunican con nosotros. Yo le respondí que no creía en eso y le aclaraba: ‘No hermana, […]

Chiquis Rivera Releases Song With Jenni Rivera

Chiquis Rivera is back with a new single – with her mom, Jenni Rivera just as was reported. The song is called “Quisieran Tener Mi Lugar” and thanks to tech they two are able to be on one track. Jenni recorded the song years ago, before her unexpected death, and songwriter El Mimoso had no […]

Chiquis Rivera Releasing Duet With Jenni Rivera

A Chiquis Rivera and Jenni Rivera duet?? According to El Mimoso, yes! He talked to Univision and revealed that Chiquis will be releasing a song with her mom. El Mimoso said “Ayer me dieron la noticia de que este 26 de febrero lanzarán un tema que me grabó Jenni Rivera, y lo sacarán a dueto […]