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Jessica Maldonado Schools Jenni Rivera Brother on Don Francisco Te Invita

Jessica Maldonado cleared things up very quickly on “Don Francisco Te Invita” and in the process she schooled Gustavo Rivera. As you know, Jenni Rivera and a few members of her team died in a plane crash five years ago. Gustavo criticized Jessica for organizing a lawsuit with the other victims’ families against The Riveras. […]

Jenni Rivera Son Johnny Lopez Reveals He is in a Gay Relationship

Jenni Rivera‘s youngest son, Johnny Lopez, has come out revealing that he is in a gay relationship. He posted a video on YouTube titled “Explaining Myself” to clear up the rumors and speculation about his sexuality. In recent weeks, the 16-year-old and his boyfriend teased their followers with romantic pics and tweets of the two […]

Jenni Rivera Fans Start Petition For Wax Figure

Jenni Rivera fans want to see a wax figure of her at Madame Tussauds wax museum. A petition was started and has over 3,000 signatures to make it happen. They say she is worthy of the honor because Jenni is inspiring and broke many barriers. If it happens, the fans would like the figure at […]

Jenni Rivera Plane Crashed Because of a Faulty Screw

A faulty screw was the reason Jenni Rivera‘s plane went down…this according to the victim’s lawyer. Jenni and her crew died in an airplane that plummeted to the ground because one screw wasn’t working properly. As a result, the airplane went straight down and crashed. Attorney Vance Owen states that there was no residue from […]

Jenni Rivera’s Son Parties With Angel Del Villar

Angel Del Villar threw a big bash to celebrate his birthday and among the guests was Juan Angel Lopez, aka Johnny. Although the Del Records owner and Chiquis Rivera have broken up, he and Johnny are still cool. Jenni Rivera‘s youngest son shared a picture simply saying “Celebrando el 27″. No hard feelings here.