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Jenni Rivera Makeup Collection to be Released

Another Jenni Rivera makeup collection is in the works. Years ago, an pallet that included eye-shadows and blushes was launched under her name and recently Rosie Rivera teamed up with another company to release a new collection in celebration of what would’ve been her sister’s 50th birthday. The details on what will be released haven’t […]

Emilio Estefan Producing Jenni Rivera Documentary

Emilio Estefan is working on a documentary about Jenni Rivera that will include never before seen footage from her last performance. “I really want people to know her with the same admiration that I had for her as a human being, and that her fans realize how important her followers, and especially her family, were […]

Jenni Rivera Instagram Pic Makes Fans Wonder About Hidden Message

Jenni Rivera‘s Instagram account has been updated with a new photo that is making fans wonder if there is a message behind it all. The pic is of Jenni getting makeup on – as her eyes are looking down. The caption with the photo is “Todo esta bien…aparentemente.” The timing of the image is interesting, […]

Jenni Rivera’s Son Gets Her Image Tattooed

Juan Angel Lopez has turned 18. Jenni Rivera‘s baby is now officially an adult and one of the first things he did was to get her imaged tattooed on his arm. He said the tattoo is not finished yet and still has another session to go, promising to post a photo once it was done. […]

Jenni Rivera’s Ex Releases Single

Jenni Rivera‘s ex boyfriend is apparently ready for stardom. Ferni, the “Pelon” she referred to in her songs, has released a single. The song is with banda, it’s called “No digan nada de mi.” He said this is a song he wrote for those who keep talking about him without knowing him. If you want […]