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Jenni Rivera Son Says Seeing Angelica Celaya Play Mom is Therapeutic

After Telemundo revealed the first official image of Angelica Celaya as Jenni Rivera, the iconic singer’s son, Johnny, posted another photo! Here we see the actress portraying Jenni in the 90s with the actor playing Johnny’s father. La Diva de la Banda’s son not only showed the pic – but also published a message that […]

Angelica Celaya as Jenni Rivera FIRST LOOK

Telemundo has released the first official image of “Mariposa De Barrio” and it’s gotten everyone talking! Here we see Angelica Celaya dressed up in one of Jenni Rivera‘s iconic looks. So what do we think?? Spot on or not even close??

Jenni Rivera Asked Yuri to Help Save Her Marriage

Jenni Rivera asked Yuri to help in her marriage to Esteban Loaiza…this according to Yuri. Don’t ask us why, but the “Maldita Primavera” singer brought up Jenni in a new interview with “Ventaneando.” She says she wasn’t friends with Jenni, but la diva de la banda did reach out seeking help from her and her […]

The Riveras Talk Openly and Honestly

The Riveras sat down for an honest and open interview called “Hablando Claro” and they discussed everything. Chiquis, Rosie, Juan, Doña Rosa, and the rest of the kids took some tough questions and answered The Riveras talked about Esteban Loaiza Pete Salgado, and more! They wanted something that wasn’t manipulated by the media in editing […]

Jenni Rivera Hologram Performs at L Festival

Jenni Rivera ‘performed’ via hologram at the L Festival on Sunday night in Pico Rivera, California. La Diva de la Banda essentially came back to life on stage for 15 minutes with the technology that also brought back Tupac Shakur at Coachella a few years ago. At one point, several Jenni impersonators posed in front […]