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The Riveras Talk Openly and Honestly

The Riveras sat down for an honest and open interview called “Hablando Claro” and they discussed everything. Chiquis, Rosie, Juan, Doña Rosa, and the rest of the kids took some tough questions and answered The Riveras talked about Esteban Loaiza Pete Salgado, and more! They wanted something that wasn’t manipulated by the media in editing […]

Jenni Rivera Hologram Performs at L Festival

Jenni Rivera ‘performed’ via hologram at the L Festival on Sunday night in Pico Rivera, California. La Diva de la Banda essentially came back to life on stage for 15 minutes with the technology that also brought back Tupac Shakur at Coachella a few years ago. At one point, several Jenni impersonators posed in front […]

Chiquis Rivera and Jacqie Campos Singing With Jenni Rivera Hologram

As you know, the Jenni Rivera hologram will be featured at L Festival this upcoming weekend. It won’t be performing alone. Jenni’s daughters, Chiquis Rivera and Jacquelin Melina Campos, will perform with the hologram. As part of the multi-song Jenni hologram set, the performance with Chiquis and Jacqie will spotlight a previously unreleased song from […]

Jenni Rivera Hologram Performing at L Festival

Confirmed! The Jenni Rivera hologram will be performing at the L Festival in Pico Rivera this upcoming weekend. The music event will feature some of the biggest acts on the charts – Marco Antonio Solis, Juanes, Tigres Del Norte, J Balvin , and more – and now we know that Jenni will also be included. […]

Angelica Celaya Gaining Weight to Look More Like Jenni Rivera

As you know, Angelica Celaya is playing Jenni Rivera in the upcoming Telemundo biopic “Mariposa De Barrio.” Angelica speaks English and Spanish, has a tough attitude, and her family is originally from Sonora…where Jenni’s mom is from. However, there are those that question the physical similarities and lack thereof. Angelica has already started to go […]