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Telenovela Set Bringing Together Major Stars

The set of “Telenovela” has become a dream for autograph-seekers and the proof is in this pic! This was just a behind-the-scenes shot of the actors – oh just Eva Longoria, Kate del Castillo, Carlos Ponce, Jencarlos Canela, and Amaury Nolasco. What a group! We want to be invited next time!!

Jencarlos Canela Gets Even Steamier With Bajito

Jencarlos Canela is usually pretty steamy and sensual, but now he gets even more so in the new song “Bajito”. The lyrics talk about getting it but staying quiet so the neighbors won’t hear…and if they do hear, then just inviting them to join!! The track features Ky-Mani Marley and is produced by Maffio – […]

Eva Longoria Reveals Hot & Bothered Official Pic

We’re getting hot and bothered with the “Hot & Bothered” promo pic! This is our first look at Eva Longoria‘s ‘novela’ starring herself, Jencarlos Canela, and Amaury Nolasco. So over the top that we love it!! So so camp! Now we are officially excited to see this!!!!!

Jencarlos Canela Confirmed For NBC Eva Longoria Sitcom Telenovela

Jencarlos Canela has been confirmed to star on NBC’s new sitcom “Telenovela”, which is created and produced by Eva Longoria. Jencarlos will make his debut on English language television as he kicks off his crossover in to the general market. Jencarlos said: “I’m in love with this project, it’s truly a dream come true when […]

Jencarlos Canela Remembers Monica Spear by Releasing a Song

It’s been a year since the murder of Monica Spear and while the world remembers her fondly, Jencarlos Canela is doing so musically. He wrote the following on social media: “A year ago, I lost a friend and I never spoke publicly about a song that I made because it hurt too much to sing […]