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Javier Bardem Steals Spotlight on First Pirates Teaser

The teaser for the fifth installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is out and Javier Bardem steals the show! The eagerly-awaited “Dead Men Tell No Tales” is now dropping pieces online and the first bit shows Javier’s villainous character and we love it. Captain Salazar all the way!

Javier Bardem Rumored to be Playing Frankenstein

Javier Bardem is in talks to play Frankenstein’s monster in a new series of films from Universal Studios revivifying its classic horror heroes. “Variety” reports that Javier is in talks for Frankenstein, for the role of the doctor’s creation, not the doc himself. Universal is currently in development on “Frankenstein” as well as “Bride of […]

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Pose Together at Goyas For First Time

The Goya Awards are basically the Oscars in Spain. However, when you’ve already won an Oscar, you can’t really compare. Regardless Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, both Academy Award winners, show up year after year…and, naturally, end up stealing the spotlight. This year was no exception. Actually, this year was the year they most stole […]

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem Onstage at U2 Concert

What are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem doing dressed like that?? U2 performed in Barcelona and invited the Spanish actors on stage for some fun. Penelope was even in charge of capturing images on her cell phone for the audience to see. Bono and the couple are close friends which makes this even cooler. Just […]

Celebs Who Have Played Real Life People

Since everyone is once again talking about the Jenni Rivera biopic, we’ve decided to take a look back at the most memorable performances by actors playing real life people. CLICK HERE to see! Oh, and if we missed one that you know about – then let us know in the comments!