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Jaime Camil Fans Boys on Britney Spears

Look at the fan boy! Jaime Camil got to shoot work with Britney Spears on “Jane The Virgin” and, of course, couldn’t help but ask for a photo to share on Instagram. He had only great things to say about the pop singer. He wrote: “It’s an absolute joy to have you on our set […]

Eva Longoria and Jaime Camil Team up to Empower Latinas

Eva Longoria and Jaime Camil have been friends for years. They usually just hang out casually – but this weekend they got together to support a fantastic group of Latinas! The actors held a lunch to empower and motivate a group of women as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. This is something we can get […]

Jaime Camil Sings Mexican and US National Anthems

What the US is all about! Jaime Camil was invited by the LA Dodgers to sing the national anthems…yes, plural! He sang both the Mexican and US national anthems before the game. Jaime proudly represented Mexico and also mentioned how grateful he is for The United States. Very very cool.

Jaime Camil Takes a Walk Fatherhood Style

It’s not easy being a dad!! Jaime Camil was taking a leisurely walk in Los Angeles. However, it was with his two kids, Elena and Jaime III, so we use the word ‘leisurely’ very lightly. A normal walk turns into a workout for Jaime who basically becomes a human mule carrying his little ones around.

Jaime Camil and Wife Deal With Prueba

Hmmm…what is going on in the lives of Jaime Camil and his wife?? He sent her the following message on Twitter: “Cuando la vida nos pone a prueba, la familia siempre nos saca adelante y nos da la fuerza para continuar… TAT-DDD gracias @heidibal” So, what’s this ‘prueba’ that he’s talking about??