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iHeart Radio Fiesta Latina Backstage Video

We love it when celebs cut loose and have a good time. Some of the biggest music stars and Telemundo talent got together at the iHeart Radio Fiesta Latina and they participated backstage in a fun artsy and social video. Enrique Iglesias! J Balvin! Nicky Jam! Angelica Vale! Christian Acosta! Gente De Zona! Jaime Camil! […]

Salma Hayek Bumps Into Mexican Celeb Friends While Dining Out

Let’s take a pic for Instagram. Those must have been the words that Salma Hayek and Jaime Camil said when they bumped into each other at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Funny enough, they weren’t the only Mexican celebs dining there at that moment. Salma then took a pic with the crew of OV7. We […]

Jaime Camil and Bianca Marroquin Make Broadway History

Big moment in Broadway! Jaime Camil and Bianca Marroquin have taken over the leads in the musical “Chicago” – and it’s not just great because they are both extremely talented. This marks the first time a Mexican duo take the stage together on Broadway! Their joint run only goes for about three weeks so if […]

Jaime Camil Takes on Chicago on Broadway

Jaime Camil now on Broadway! He is the latest actor to tackle the Billy Flynn character in “Chicago”! Jaime will take on the role for a five-week stint. Audience members recognize him from “Jane The Virgin” as his name and face are becoming more recognizable…and this should only help boost that. He’s been wanting to […]

Jaime Camil Gets Tattoos Covered Up

All actors have to get makeup done on their face before shooting…well, Jaime Camil needs his body done up too. To shoot “Jane The Virgin” he needs to cover up his tattoos. The actor recently shared a pic getting his body literally made up by a makeup artist. Many fans wondered why on the show […]