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J Alvarez Releasing Live Album

Churning them out and his fans are loving it! J Alvarez is doing something unusual for the urban music genre…releasing a live album!! His next production, “J Alvarez Desde Puerto Rico” is composed of nine studio tracks, in addition to seven of his greatest hits live. The live tracks were recorded during his concert at […]

J Alvarez Teaming Up With Wyclef Jean on Song

Talk about a collaboration!! J Alvarez has teamed up with some of the biggest names in Latin music…and now then some. Here we see him in the studio prepping something with none other than Wyclef Jean! We usually get stoked about duos, but this one is through the roof.

J Alvarez, Maluma, and Ken-Y A Hot Trio With Quiero Olvidar Remix

As if the original wasn’t hot enough, now comes the remix! J Alvarez has released a crazy good remix of his hit “Quiero Olvidar” with Maluma and Ken-Y. The first version is already a bonafide hit and now this just add to the success. As you can see, visually they have this in the bag […]

Daddy Yankee and J Alvarez Share Explosive Performance

Two greats on one stage! Daddy Yankee put together a killer show at the Staples Center on Saturday and invited a few friends…which is why he called the spectacle “King Daddy and Friends”. DY invited J Alvarez on stage and the two tore it up and drove their thousands and thousands of fans present totally […]

J Alvarez Next Video To Touch on Dangers of Texting and Driving

Great music with a great message! “Billboard” exclusively reveals that J Alvarez‘s next music video will touch on the perils of texting and driving The vid for “Quiero Olvidar” will be shot in Colombia this week and the storyline is about J’s love interest being involved in a car accident and dying. He told “Billboard”: […]